Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Injury Game...Just what is going on with my favorite Injured Eagle?

It’s a matter of when not if…..but when Buckhalter (or insert your favorite injury riddled Eagle) is lying in a hump in the middle of the field, and the athletic trainers, docs, and a few coaches go running out to see what is going on, questions will pop up in everyone’s heads. “OH shit, is it the same knee?”, “Is he done for the season?”, “I knew he wouldn’t last a season, he is worthless”. Ok, that last one wasn’t a question, but I had to throw that one in there because that is probably what most of us will say. But for the few out there that will actually question the status of his injury and have questions about all of the other injuries that may happen during the year, I posted this article on my blog. So check it out to get a better "view" of the injury game.


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