Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Speculation Time

With the addition of Stallworth, what will the final WR corps look like when we cut the roster down to 53? I think we only keep 5 on the roster (and I'm ok with this now that I know Pinky will not have to be one of the 5 or 6!)

These guys are locks:
- Brown
- Stallworth
- Baskett
- Avant

I think the 5th spot will come down to 1 of these 2 knuckleheads:
- Lewis (aka: Foots)
- McCants

McCants has had a good camp, and they love his special teams play. Lewis is a good special teamer, too, but he's had a quiet (but good) camp. Maybe b/c Baskett has taken all the headlines?... I'm intrigued by Lewis' plays the other day in the Pitt. game (2 long catches for 91 yds and a TD), as well as the fact that we know Reid drew those plays up especially for him. It *could* mean 1 of 2 things: (1) Reid expected to unload Foots after getting Stallworth, and is such a good cat that he made sure to make GLew look good so another team would quickly pick up one of his favorite players, or (2) he really wanted to see what GLew could do in a pressure situation ,knowing a roster spot was his destiny to control -- if he played well Reid would keep him over McCants... Guess we'll find out soon enough.

I bet Pinky gets rewarded for being another Reid favorite, with a nice, season-long trip to IR.

Gaffney - see ya, wouldn't wanna be ya. We've got a whole squad full of possession receivers with no top-end speed, and they actually learned the playbook already. Peace out!

Jenkins, Gasperon, Sampy, I like all their potential, but as Paulumon will tell you, potential and a nickel will get you a cup of coffee. (Yes, Paulumon has not seen coffee prices in 50 years.)
- Sampy - practice squad. They really love this guy; maybe he beats out GLew next year.
- Gasperon - practice squad. Big, talented white boy. McCants' replacement if he doesn't step it up, next year?
- Jenkins - I just don't know what they do with him. Smells like he'll get cut. He's been on the P.S. for a couple of years already and made no headway towards a roster spot, but he had a knee injury a year or 2 ago so he may have 1 more left in him. We'll see. I like this kid's hands and route-running, but he seems like an Avant/Brown-type, and we already, uh, 2 of those.

Bloom - I.R. Pretty-boy surfer! He will spend the season rehabbing, getting into football shape, and maybe blowing guys in the park for drug money.
*** UPDATE: I called it - stick with the kid, baby! ***

What do ya'll think?


Blogger J Dubs said...

Damn, got blind-sided by the cutting of Pinkston! Wow. Wierd, too, since the told him he could seek a trade yesterday, then cut him today. Wodner if he got lippy!?

8/30/2006 2:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well ,we ended up going with only 5 WRs. Makes sense, since you can only dress 4 or 5 per game anyhow. Gaffney was no surprise, but after the game he had Friday night, I thought McCants was in. Bet he did, too. Obviously GLew is faster, but I liked McCants' size and leaping ability. He just was not a good route runner, according to most. And that doesn't work in this pass-happy west coast offense.

Ah well, if it came down to keeping Juqua Thomas/Lujuan Ramsey, and McCants, I like the decision...

Oh, and for the record, don't know if anyone heard Banner being interviewed during the game Friday night, but for those F.O. naysayers out there, and you know who you are:(a) the Eagles always go into the season under the cap, but end up using the extra salary cap $ to sign young players to extensions during the season - they have spent all the way up to the cap each of the past several seasons; (b) this team is 2nd ONLY TO WASHINGTON for the most money spent over the last 8 seasons. And look at Washington, it spends like a "conservative christian" congressman at an underage slave-labor brothel in Bangkok. I don't think we can talk smack about them being cheap. Apparently, they're quite the opposite. I was surprised to learn that.


9/03/2006 3:47 PM  

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