Saturday, September 09, 2006

"Expert" picks for the weekend

As of this moment, the spread is anywhere from 3 1/2 to 6 points, believe it or not.

So Peter King has the Iggles dishing out the largest thrashing of the week, beating the Texans 31 to 10. . . . Of course, King also predicted that the Steelers-Dolfins game would be a "[g]reat, geat game." (Yes, he used two "great"s for emphasis). He actually concluded that "[i]f you don't like this game . . . you don't like football." Seriously.

On CBS Sportsline, Prisco thinks the Texans will pull off an upset and beat us 21-20 (but interestingly, on the chart of all six of Sportsline's experts' picks, Prisco supposedly picks the Texans to beat a four-point spread. Conspiracy theories anyone?) Harmon just thinks we'll push and win by 24-20. As for the others picking with the four-point spread, Judge and Bromberg have the Eagles covering, but Davis and Richard think the Texans will beat it.

The consensus pick of the ten editors at Pro Football Weekly is that the Eagles will cover a 3 1/2 point spread, and this is considered one of the three "best bets" of the week. (Although I have found that some of the editors' records for their "best bet" selections are actually worse than their other picks, and even under .500. Still, for what it's worth, I think the consensus selections are often better than most).

And ALL of the ESPN "experts" picked the Eagles to win. What's most suprising about this is that Hodge is one of them. Sure, they aren't picking against a spread, but that never stopped Merrill's Hodge-kins Disease (thanks for the term, J-Dubbs) from contaminating his already superficial -- and often bizarre -- reasoning.


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