Thursday, January 10, 2008

Donovan McBlog

Donovan continues to circle the drain; his latest outburst being a frantic cry for help on his blog (see the linked article from He is demanding playmakers and who can blame him for that? I for one cannot. However, why doesn't he just learn to keep his mouth shut or ask to be traded? Is blogging about it to the public going to make it happen? In the end, these protestations are just more examples of his whining and finger pointing. It's sad to watch.

From the article:
"He used the New England Patriots as an example of a team that 'went outside their locker room and stocked up on playmakers last year.' The Patriots, of course, went 16-0 in the regular season.

'It certainly helped to have Randy Moss, Donté Stallworth, Wes Welker and Adalius Thomas making plays for them all year,' the Eagles quarterback wrote, referring to four of New England's off-season additions."

I think it's funny that he even uses the Patriots as the if McNabb could ever display the leadership that Brady has shown. With playmakers around him in 2004 McFive showed that his numbers could be gaudy; but he still didn't have what it took to win....and in my opinion, he never will. McNabb is a very good quarterback, but will never be great because he doesn't have the leadership skills and drive to be.

Again, time to say goodbye McNabb. For your part, you deserve to play in a city that will appreciate your skill set. But Philly is tired of your whining.

Monday, December 24, 2007

I know, it was long overdue this season, but.... wait for it... wait for it.... HE'S COMIN' ON!!!!!!!!!

From the Philly website:

"Bradley was one of the rookies in the spotlight on defense entering Sunday's game along with weakside linebacker Akeem Jordan and defensive end Victor Abiamiri. Bradley was scheduled to see his most extensive action on defense and he responded brilliantly with six tackles, his first career sack and first career interception. Two of his tackles came during the pivotal goal-line stand."


Monday, December 17, 2007

JDubs Writes to a 'Boys Fan

"First off, sorry Boys. Sorry we had to rain on your parade and keep you from almost certain homefield advantage thru-out the playoffs. Tough titties, you'll still wrap it up in the next 2 weeks, and this was our super bowl. It had the feel, for eagles fans at least, of a mid-90s eagles-cowboys game. Remember those days, when you guys used to dominiate us, when Emmitt got half his career rushing totals just off us, when there was nothing we could do to stop a 3rd and 3 or 3rd and 4, 'cos you know Emmitt would pick up 5 yards or they'd just dump it off to Novacek. (And Moose wonders why Ealges fans are just starting to warm up to him and many still issue him death threats when he covers our games...) When we had a turntable of scrub QBs going thru the rotations and gettin decimated by your D. That's what it felt like going in...

Ugly game, no lie. I have to say, tho you guys got the benefit of most of the "no-calls" by the officials, it was the worst officiated game I've seen all year both ways. The helmet to helmet, a hit out of bounds, lots of holds (what else is new), and the running into the kicker (by both teams!). Just awful. Glad to see they finally threw a flag on a horse-collar this year. Seriously, is Roy just stupid, is that all he can do to stop a ballcarrier, or does he know he'll still get away with it 99% of the time? Wait til he breaks Peyton's or Brady's ankle, then it's over. Props to AJ Feeley for pulling a WWF manager move and distrating a ref so BDawk could pull off a PI with no flag. Good times.

Really, the game is summed up by this one thought: you guys got beat by 4 points (really 11) playing your absolute worst game of the year after u clinched a 1st-round bye. We just BARELY beat a playoff team in a game that went down to the last cpl possessions, and we played like we've been playing all year (actually, better on D, about the same on O). So fret not. Now that you've watched 2 complete Eagles games this year, if not more, you must understand what we're going thru all season. I think we're 1 top WR (who can fucking get open) and more healing time for McNabb (and now apparently a kicker, tho that used to be a lock) from being a playoff team again. 5 losses to playoff teams this year by a combined 16 points. The difference in 6-8 and not having to watch the playoffs from the couch this year is bone-headed penalties (especially the drive-killers on offense), AJ Feeley last-play interceptions, and Andy Reid's atrocious play-calling and game-day coaching.

Anyway, thanks for ending a 3-game losing streak and keeping me from beating my children. Good luck in the playoffs, and wish us luck in the coaching-change department."

Monday, December 10, 2007

Is this 3 times now...

... this season we've seen the Birds trying to rally late in a game that they should have won if only they could have mustered MORE THAN ONE touchdown drive on the day? Only to again see the rally fall short on a failed 4th and long play?

I find myself wishing this season were over already, and I have now boarded the Reid-must-go bandwagon. That's right, my luggage is packed, I brought snacks and bottled water, and I'm here for the ride. Let's do it.

I am sick and tired of watching McNabb run around on ev ery play, hoping beyond hope that one of his cotterie of inept, slow, and overall subpar receivers will stop running, slowly, directly at the defender that's covering them. Seriously, Plaxico burress can get open every play on a bum leg, and when u see our guys, every route looks like they're setting up a downfield block for a running play. This ain't new news. It's been a problem for years, the announcers have been laughing at us for it for years, it already cost us a championship game, and it has never been properly addressed during Reid's tenure (with the temporary exception of TO's stay here).

Sorry, Big Red, but the past couple of years of coaching on your part have been attrocious. your clock management is the laughingstock of the league (well, everyone's laughing except Joe Gibbs). and I'd fire a high school coch that was as predictable as you. It's obvious you can't keep your own crackhouse in order, and you obviously can't maintain discipline enough on this team to avoid having every other drive stall due to some bone-heard, unnecessary penalty. Defense? Just line up in the neutral zone! Offense? False start! Illegal motion! Delay of game! This all stems from the coach, it's his responsibility to get a team ready to play on Sunday, and this group of misfits has shown week in and week out that they're not prepared to play the game. you've had years to get better, and you only seem to be getting worse. Maybe your criminal kids are too much of a distraction, but something has to change. And since you're unwilling to change, it's you that has to be changed.

Now, I'm not ready to give up on McNabb, but I agree with Paulumon that if you're not going to give him the weapons he needs to succeed, there's no point in wasting his career and our time here. Trade him while you can still get value, and start fresh. OR, go get him a couple of DECENT receivers to throw to. Don't go out and replace Curtis (who replaced his twin, Stallworth) with another Curtis clone. Go get a read receiver. A #1. Reggie sure the hell ain't it. Hank Baskett, Foots, what a joke. Le'ts stock an offense that relies on the pass with a bunhc of nobody receivers. That'll trick em!

While we're at it, maybe get a real punter, who doesn't shank a 20 yarder every other kick. Or for that matter, a punt returner? Not a converted pizza restaurant host who goes to the same church as you, but a real, friggin punt returner, who has at least a chance in hell of ever taking one back.

Just a couple of ideas...

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

5 and 7

No, seriously... don't get your hopes up.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

"They Call Me Mr. Glass"

McNabb got injured yet again today. A sprained ankle this time, but he had to leave the game. Donny needs to get out of the gym and into the Yoga studio and drink a gallon of milk everyday. His demise may not be completely his fault in the end...both his body and Eagles management are working against him (should I also include his apathetic attitude?). In any case, this news just supports my position that Number 5 needs to go after this season. Not that I don't like him and all as a good guy and proficient QB, but it's time to wipe the slate clean....

From the Birds' website today:

"On a third-and-10 from the Dolphins' 16-yard line, McNabb took the snap out of the shotgun and rolled to his right. With pressure coming from cornerback Michael Lehan on a blitz, McNabb threw the ball out of bounds just before he was knocked to the ground by Lehan. McNabb got up and limped to the sideline where he talked with trainers before heading to the locker room. McNabb returned to the sidelines in the third quarter and remained there as Feeley led a touchdown drive to open the third quarter...McNabb's injury history is well-known. McNabb tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee a year ago Monday. In 2005, McNabb fought through a sports hernia for two months before he was placed on injured reserve Nov. 22. On Nov. 17, 2002, he fractured his ankle and played through the game -- a four-touchdown performance against the Cardinals -- and missed the final six regular season games. He returned for the playoffs. He missed one game in his rookie season because of a knee injury."

Monday, November 12, 2007

So, Where Do We Go From Here?

This season has no doubt been tough. And the worst part is that it's not even a re-building year for our beloved Iggles. So, what the hell is this season about? And where is this team going?

For a few seasons, Andy Reid had me buying into his "system". I even had a fleeting thought that it was modeled like the Patriots championship factory... but alas, I was a fool, a sucker, a dope even. There is no system here. We are living in chaos right now and have no direction, so it is time to behead the captain and throw him overboard...I am sorry about the bad nautical analogy, but my point is that we can't possibly consider returning this same crew for another run next season. Years ago when we tried to come back after the humiliating Tampa loss in the NFCCG, Bill Simmons likened Reid's lack of upgrading as trying for the "degree of difficulty" thing. Why come back with the same exact motley bunch and think it will work this season.

Not counting our brief (but eye-opening) stint with one Terrell Owens (T-O! T-O! T-Oooo!), we have gone 8 seasons without really upgrading our receiving corps or our running game. We were fortunate to land Westbrook but rather than an upgrade, I consider it just good least management had the foresight to sign him to a lucrative contract because he is our entire offense right now.

But, come on, do we really want to bring this tired group of people back for yet another season? ("You can do it THIS time Andy, we know it!").

Just look in their eyes, THEY don't even think they are good. You can literally see the exhaustion and apathy, can't you? I don't blame the players either, it's the "system" that does it. McNabb looks like he's on pain killers most of the time. He just does not really care anymore. Would you? I would not care at all, not after the long road it has been here in Philly for Donovan. Since the time he was drafted until now, through all of the injuries and his choking in the Super Bowl, he has faced almost nothing but adversity here. The fans are tired of him and I am positive he despises us by now...but I can't really blame him for that to be honest.

TRADE MCNABB??: On "Inside the NFL", Cris Carter mentioned sending McNabb to Atlanta. I like that idea actually. Or even to the Bears. Dmac's better days are behind him, and I think we need a re-building year in any case. I even want the best for old #5, so I think he can put a spark back in his own game and ignite Atlanta from its post-Vick malaise. Or even Chicago - they really need a QB and it's McNabb's hometown...can you imagine that homecoming celebration? Talk about perfect timing. We can still get REALLY good trade fodder for McNabb and it's inthe team's best interests to do another year or two, McNabb will not nearly have the value he has now. Plus, if we're not going to put a supporting cast around the guy, what value is he?

Donovan did rebound this week, completing 20 of 28 passes for 251 yards, 4 touchdowns and no INTs. But again, it was a come from behind victory, which just says to me that these guys don't play hard for 4 quarters. They always seem to get motivated in the fourth quarter. I'm sick of it.

My prediction: McNabb is gone after this season.

Team Note: McNabb broke Jaworski's team record for completions (2,089). Noteworthy, but still not a Lombardi trophy.


Negadelphia's Puerto Rican office sent us these "jokes" today:

Q: What do you call 53 people sitting around a TV watching the Super Bowl?
A: The Philadelphia Eagles.

Q: How do you keep a Philadelphia Eagle out of your yard?
A: Put up goal posts.

Q: Where do you go in Philadelphia in case of a tornado?
A: The Linc - they never have a touchdown there.

Q: What do you call a Philadelphia Eagle with a Super Bowl ring?
A: A thief.

Q: Why doesn't Camden have a profess ion al football team?
A: Because then Philadelphia would want one.

Q: What's the difference between the Philadelphia Eagle & a dollar bill?
A: You can still get four quarters out of a dollar bill.

Q: What do the Philadelphia Eagles and possums have in common?
A: Both play dead at home and get killed on the road.

And Finally:
Q: What do the Philadelphia Eagles and Billy Graham have in common?
A: They both can make 70,000 people stand up and yell "Jesus Christ".

If you are still able to laugh this season, that is....

Thursday, November 01, 2007

3 and 4

Don't get your hopes up. That's all I gotta say.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Neither Fish nor Fowl

Well, I suppose that Eagles would be considered fowl, being birds, but they are also "foul" this in stinking up the jizz-oint. Sorry, I digress...

We all know how Big Red has favored passing over the years, usually hitting 65%-70% passing rates. I think this is because Andy is obsessed with passing and believes that it gives him more points and credibility than grinding out a scoring drive on the ground, and partly because our running game has been anemic from time to time, except for the days of the 3-headed munstah that is...say it with me: DUUUUUUUCCCCE!.

So what are we now - a passing team or a running team? or both? It seems that our Pass v. Run stats are starting to level out - we are throwing only 56% of the time this season. I don't think that's by design, but rather by necessity: our passing game is broken, busted, absent. Our WRs can't get separation and McNabb is scrambling for his life back with a porous O-line. Kevin "White Lightning" Curtis is having a fine year with 29 catches for 506 yards and 4 TDs, but what other Eagle receiver is? [ahem, Westbrook doesn't count folks!]

Apparently, with the $109MM salary cap this season, the Birds are only about $8MM under, which to you and me is a lot of money, but puts us in the top 10 for least amount of cap room. To put it in perspective, the Pats are an estimated $29MM under. Would you say they are getting value for their money? You might also say that the Birds are not.

Knowing that however - the fact that we have $8MM in cap room - why didn't we keep Stallworth? He really was not that expensive...and don't argue that it was his "drug" habits that scared Big Red. Given what's going on in Andy's own home with his drug-dealing sons, a little weed shouldn't be enough to scare ol' Andy away. Stallworth's stats are really solid this season: 22 catches for 367 yards and 3TDs...he is even averaging 16.7 yds/catch. These stats would put him as our #2 WR, by a LONG shot.

What do we have to show at this point: Reggie has been kidnapped and placed in a basement on South Street somewhere and replaced by James Thrash (no TDs and averaging only 12.6 yds/catch), and Avant is just as bad, with only 1 TD.

Granted, the 2007 Pats are a dynasty and might end up being the best team in history, but none of our WRs, other than Curtis maybe, could even start there. Having Stallworth would have provided McNabb with some extra deep threats and speed. This is the worst WR corps in football overall and it's killing our Offense. Dare I say that it may be worse than the Pinkston/Thrash/FredEx triumvirate? Yes, yes, I dare.

How did Andy & Co. not see this coming? Every year there is some glaring problem that they overlook, and these mistakes have held us back year after year.

Speaking of overlooking glaring errors, has Winston Justice been cut yet?

P.S. The Birds are winning today [Sunday], but are not running well. Reggie has 7 catches...shut me up!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Heeeeee's Baaaaaaaack!

That is all for now.