Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Ol' AJ Feeley Bait n' Switch; and the Fullback situation

AJ Back: I'm happy to see AJ return in Eagle Green, although I'm surpised he selected a 3rd position in Philly over a 2nd slot in Minnesota; Brad Childress apparently really wanted him and it likely could have lead to more opportunity with Brad Johnson getting up there in years. But, I think if I was in his position I would come back to the warmth of the COBL over going to the frozen tundra of Minny, and I'm not merely talking about the temperature in each city....Philly fans have good memories of AJ from a few years ago - he helped us out of a bind and got us to the playoffs when Dmac and that 2nd string guy went down (his name has been washed from my memory, but I recall that he didn't bathe much). I also can imagine that he didn't want to go to a 4th city in 3 years. Plus, what's more warm and cozy than a 3rd string QB in the NFL...seriously, is that even a real job? You show up on Game Day with your baseball cap and a backup clipboard in case No. 2 collapses from heat exhaustion or something. Anyway, Big Red and Heckert did a great job getting all of the mileage possible from AJ - we traded him to Miami for an early 2nd round pick (35th overall) and landed none other than...Reggie Brown. Then, we ended up getting him back for nothing, with 3 more years experience under his belt, plus he knows our system already. Brilliant moves.

Fullbacks: From the Birds' website - "Who wins the fullback job? It is still an open competition. I know that last year Jon Ritchie didn't play in the final preseason game and Josh Parry still won the job. The Eagles want to see Thomas Tapeh for an entire game, and if he plays well, it will make for a very difficult decision for the coaching staff."

I'm not quite sure why this is a tough decision. Neither of these guys is impressive and I'm very worried about this gaping hole in our Offense. Parry can't block or catch and Tapeh is big and all but hasn't shown much athleticism. All we need is someone who can pass protect from time to time and bust a hole in the D line for one of our mini RBs to run through. I'm not sure either of these guys is up to the task. What should we do?


Blogger J Dubs said...

I think we should... sit back and see what the F.O. does. Then bitch about it no matter what the outcome!

Unless Paulumon gets his wish and we sign banged up, broke-down Duce staley, and convert him to the oldest, slowest fullback in the league. At least he'd be happy. Yay for him.

9/01/2006 11:49 AM  

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