Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Reid thinks we're running enough. Seriously.

Andy was asked today about whether he thought that in the past few games, it might have been better to run the ball more. His answer was both unsurprising and revealing:

"We're actually running the ball more in the fourth quarter than the league average. Our first half stats are just slightly below the average for the league. So, I think we're doing a good job of running the football enough. We just need [to be] efficient."

Now, even though he's profoundly wrong, there's certainly no surprise that Andy believes that he's "doing a good job of running the football enough."

But what is actually very telling is the fact that Andy responded by quoting to league statistics. Certainly, he anticipated the question. Even though he consistently tries to portray himself as above the media, he made sure to have some sort of explanation ready. And most tellingly, his explanation -- or more accurately his defense -- required him to actually find statistics that could support his flawed position
that he is "running the football enough." No easy task.

So this leads to a troublesome conclusion: That he is in fact aware of the media criticism of his coaching, but instinctively, or just as a matter of practice, rejects it -- even when it's indisputably correct.

His huge ego, the size which even dwarfs his waistline, prevents him from admitting he isn't running the ball enough, because it would be acknowledging that the media is right. Sure, he can admit that he "didn't do a good enough job" after each game, but that's on his terms, and his self-criticism never delves deeper than platitudes. But to admit that the media was correct is something his ego will not allow.

How large is his ego? Can he even accept any advice from his assistant coaches? According to G. Cobb, the assistants are nothing but sycophantic "yes men" anyway (except for Jim Johnson). There can be no question that Reid's pigheaded stubbornness is hurting the team. And now, it's almost as if he's going to keep passing the ball 70% of the time out of spite...

Well, at least I'm looking forward to getting a good draft pick. (Which we'll probably trade to another NFC East team again).


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