Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Oh, by the way, Herremans had surgery

...Now move along. Nothing to see here. Don't you worry about it. We'll tell you what we think you need to know. When we feel like it.

It was just reported that Herremans underwent arthroscopic surgery on his left knee. And it was successful.

Um, successful in doing what?
Christ, I didn't even know he was hurt. Did I miss something?

Well, let's see... I haven't any articles since the game that mentioned any problems. And in Reid' press conference immediately after the game, Big Red declared, with his trademark eloquence and verbosity: "No new injuries."

I guess in ReidSpeak, that means "No new injuries that I think you need to know about." (Yes, in ReidSpeak you can end sentences with prepositions). Or maybe it just simply means "Screw off." Actually, it seems like almost everything he says to the microphone means "Screw off." I know it must be unpleasant to have to address the media -- especially in this town where we all take our sports seriously -- but they are the link between the head office and the fans. And if I'm not mistaken, without the fans, there would be no NFL, no Eagles, and no multi-million dollar coaching contract.

Putting aside his apparently distaste for the media, this Herremans thing appears to be a little more than just being a little circumspect with doling out information. Now, I'm no doctor, but
in most cases, people don't just suddenly have surgery. I tend to think he might have had something like ... an injury. Isn't that something about which that he's supposed to inform the media? Maybe at least in some sort of unspoken practice, if not by any rule?

I guess my point is that the entire Reid-Lurie-Banner machine operates with an apparent contempt for the fans. They know better. They only need to tell us the bare minimum, because we don't deserve to know more. When something goes wrong, they can just mollify us by sprinkling a few meaningless mea culpas to us like feeding stale breadcrumbs to mangy pigeons...

And Scott Young is Herreman's backup. Great. I think he takes a false start penalty every third snap or so...


Blogger Paulomon Grundy said...

Our O line is either too old or to inexperienced. Other than "the Big Kid", none of these guys can really do it anymore. Runyan was the man for sure, but he's just kind of average now.

I'm stating the obvious but a great O-line is really the lynchpin to success of the whole team really. When they dominate the game, it wears on defense, keeps your O on the field longer and gives your D time to rest, in addition to keep your QB off his back.

A lot is going on with the unit right now, but they need to do some jostlying around, and we're going to have to run the ball more often. McNabb can no longer scramble and LJ Smith has been out too, so the blocking and short passing games have been hurt.

Watching the Patriots play last night was an eye-opening experience actually - they are so tight as a unit and moving at speeds that the Birds never could. I can't recall seeing a better coached team, except maybe a couple Tom Landry coached Cowboys teams from the '70s.

Let's face it, the Birds just suck right now and you could see this coming. We didn't really make any real moves during the off-season to improve our receiving game or defense (ok, TKO is here now...whoop-dee-freakin-doo)...the Patriots picked up Randy Moss. Some teams are committed to winning it all and other teams ...are in Philadelphia.

10/02/2007 9:49 PM  

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