Sunday, September 30, 2007

Man, that hair grows back awful quickly

As Sheldon said in one of the NBC promos for the game: "The decision maker in the game tonight is simple. It's whoever wants it the most."

Did the giants want it more? Or did we just want it less? Or, even worse, and more likely, did we just not even care in the least?
This debacle was entirely mental. (Except in William James' case, because he doesn't even have the physical potential to play the game). We came out emotionally flat and mentally vacant. This is inexcusable by itself -- but this was a division game, and a huge rivialry -- one of the biggest in the entire leage. Hell, I have more intensity when I sleepwalk to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

don't even know which is more embarassing -- the penalties, or the shocking non-play of our offensive line:

-- FIFTEEN penalties for 132 yards. FIFTEEN for ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY-TWO. This was just 58 yards shy of our entire offense.

-- Twelve sacks for 62 yards. TWELVE for SIXTY-TWO. This tied the NFL record for most sacks in a game. And Umenyiora had SIX by himself, tying the NFL record for most sacks in a game. Here's some perspective: We gave up 4.4 times the amount of yards in sacks than we had in net passing yards.

And not to blame just one defensive player, since our entire D, starting with out DL, really never came to play, but why the hell do we even allow William James to put on an Eagles uniform? I'd almost rather send Reno out there to play CB. Christ, James can't even blitz even when he's uncovered. He got faked out and left his feet by the most obvious pump fake, allowing Eli to get off the ball. At least he took the interference call in the 3Q rather than allow Toomer to score. If he's going to get beaten every play, he might as well try to minimize the damage he causes to this team. For him to have talked trash in the off season about taking Sheldon's starting spot is simply mind-boggling.

We need to be able to activate another head coach on gameday, so we can pull Reid when this happens. Can we at least take away his shiny playcard, so he can't keep calling nothing but pass plays? We weren't setting the field on fire on the ground, but we were definitely getting positive yards into the second half. But still, despite our line's consistent failure to protect McNabb and our WRs' consistent failure to get an inch of separation, we kept throwing. Why not just pound the ball? We had time and were down by only one TD until the end of of the 3Q. If nothing else, running might've helped to give the OL some confidence back. Our play calling is so one-dimensional, it's like the football equivalent of tetherball.

The failure to get up for the game and the mental breakdowns fall squarely on Big Red's sloping shoulders. But no -- I don't mean in just the "I need to do a better job next time" or "we're just off by a hair" type of purely linguistic and meaningless mea culpa. Accepting responsibility is empty when there are no repercussions, and is just plain insulting when there is not the slightest attempt at any degree of insight. This is his fault, and he needs to hand over the reins, and for good. Letting Marty call the plays won't solve everything, but it is a start. JoePa had the courage and the true desire to put the team before ego. Reid needs to do the same.


Blogger Paulomon Grundy said...

The picture of the kids playing tether ball is priceless...and appropriate.

10/01/2007 2:35 PM  
Anonymous fastlaine said...

Wow, I would feel sorry for you, but I'm a Giants fan. At least you have the Phillies.... The Mets did have a stunning collapse.

10/02/2007 1:26 PM  
Blogger Dave Popstar said...

But as a giants fan, you're also a Yankees fan, so I can't imagine you're all that broken up about the Mets implosion.

And on that note -- it pisses me off that, in my view, there were more articles about the Mets losing than about the Phillies winning. It's not like the Mets just gave the NL East title to the Phils -- they worked their asses off for it. My favorite stat -- they had the most come from behind wins in the entire league. It's huge.

So yeah, at least something went right on Sunday...

(And don't think for a second that the Eagles poor performance means that the giants are in any way a "good" team. I think they are still a joke. It's just that our coaching on Sunday was, unfortunately, more of a joke).

10/02/2007 3:00 PM  

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