Thursday, October 04, 2007

Nothing to Cheer For

OK, I'm being really negative here, but have you seen our cheerleaders this year? Man, everything's falling apart in Philly.

I live in a glass house, etc., but come on, from the look of these girls, I think they could drill a hole in your tooth and just laugh.


Blogger Dave Popstar said...

Dood, that's just one out of a whole squad of smiley women. You got one on an off moment. Hell, maybe that pic was taken right after a game -- that would explain the look of pensive frustration.

Personally, I prefer the Sixers Dance Team anyway. Unlike the Eagles Cheerleader, they can really, really dance. I like the Philadelphia Soul cheerleaders too, since they do a lot of that athletic-flipping-around-college-type-of-cheerleading stuff. You know, the type of thing that the president of our country must have done back when he was a MALE CHEERLEADER. Ug. What a thought. Why did I go there...

10/04/2007 12:03 PM  

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