Sunday, September 30, 2007

Justice For Nobody

If there was any doubt left that Andy Reid has lost control of this football team, tonight's embarassment eliminated it. Since our 42-0 loss a couple years ago, I haven't seen such a gutless, pathetic performance by this sad franchise than the loss tonight.

The Birds' stats are overwhelming:
*190 TOTAL YARDS (ha ha)

The big story was the nonexistence of the O-line, in particular Winston Justice. To be fair, Justice had to come in to replace William (not "Tra" anymore) Thomas, so he had big shoes to fill. However, I have never seen such a sad performance by an O- Lineman - Justice's man Osi Umenyiora had SIX sacks and was pushing Justice around like a child. Umenyiora set a Giant's record with that stat. SAD. Justice needs to be cut - period. The picture above says it all: McNabb is being sacked and Justice (#74) is standing there in the background, looking helpless.

Aside from the O-line being a sieve, McNabb had his familiar problems and looked really tenative on his knee. He's now lost his main strength (scrambling), and is stuck with his kryptonite (pretending he is a pocket passer). D-linemen were running him down like a scared rabbit tonight.

To add to the problem, once again, the WRs got zero separation and were unable to get open. We have no threat downfield and our shortgame has been shutdown. And once again, our runningback (Buckhalter this time rather than Westy) was our most productive receiver, with 35 yards. When you can't pass, what else is there to do? Run, I guess...oh yeh, no Westbrook tonight. I will say that Buckhalter played hard, so limited props go to him; and our running game showed some life occasionally. Other than Buck's lukewarm performance however, no one showed up at all.

John Madden, who I generally think is no more than a caricature anymore, had some good points at the end of the game. Madden made a bold statement that he could not recall a more dominant performance by a defensive player than Umenyiora's tonight - wow. How many games has he watched over the years, to make a statement like that? Justice should be cut on that observation alone. He also summed the whole situation up nicely, saying that these performances all come down to coaching. Very true.

Lurie needs to set an example, damnit. I am ready, and the COBL is ready, for a bloodbath with this team. Wipe the slate clean and start over, starting with Big Red.

Andy, make it easier for us and please, please just RESIGN.



Blogger Leeks555 said...

how about an attempt to patch-up the bleeding, however half-ass? why not throw a TE on Umenyiora's side?? anybody, really. just put another body there.

i am so lost for words at this point, though not at all surprised.

10/01/2007 8:47 AM  
Blogger Dave Popstar said...

After the game, even Strahan said: "That poor kid that they had over there ... Why didn't they help him? I felt, in an odd way, you could ruin the guy. It's his first start and that's what he gets. It's not a good thing."

For Andy to not give him any help or even change the protection scheme that CLEARLY wasn't working is just inexplicable. (But unfortunately, not really surprising).

10/01/2007 9:24 AM  
Blogger Paulomon Grundy said...

Jdubs commented as follows:

"I don't know what frustrates me more. Watching Justice get run over play after play after play and noting that the coaching staff didn't get him any help until the 2nd to last drive of the game? Or was it the fact that they didn't notice in 2 years of practice how fucking pathetic Justice actually is at blocking? I mean, it wasn't just a matter of bad technique, bad feet, lack of speed, leverage, or strength, it was all of the above on EVERY friggin play. Breme could block Osi better (cos he's a fat bastard.) And they couldn't move Herremans over to LT (his original position) and put in a backup at LG? They couldn't line up a TE to help him even once? Not even after the 4th or 5th sack? Did they think Osi would just quit after those?!?! The cockiness of Andy and his staff astounds me. so does the complete inability to make meaningful and effective halftime adjustments. He probably just tells them he has to do a better job of putting them in the right positions then says a prayer to his goddamned heavenly father.

And the penalties. This has got to be the least disciplined team in the NFL. And it ain't like Andy hasn't shown how bad he is at keeping the boys reigned in at home with his 2 fat hoodlum kids that are both going to jail soon. 10 penalties in the first half alone. A record in the nfl this season. I think James had half of them that friggin Giants plant. Can we cut his sorry ass as soon as Lito is back please? And Justice? Then there'd be 2 open roster spots to use to pick up more slow, weak receivers that can't get open. Back to the penalties, though, you haven't learned by now that you go on the snap, you don't try to time the friggin snap count? You learn that in pop warner! 3 offsides penalties alone, all off Eli's (Eli's!!!!!) snap count. It was just a sickening spectacle and made me want to stop watching football altogether.

I don't know about you boys, but I'm rooting for draft picks.

And maybe, just maybe, a new coaching staff. They have to be the most predictable bunch in the league. 3rd down? Oooh, I bet the Eagles are gonna blitz! F dis shite.

30th/32nd ranked D in the league and we let them tie an NFL record for sacks.

I had to laugh when our late-game TD was negated because 5's foot was 2 yards over the LOS. It was icing on the cake, baby.

On the bright side, I am so apathetic about this team's chances that no amount of Gnats' shit-talking will phase me this week.

I'm off to go kill some scrubs in mmorpg arena action. Fuzzduster rules.

ps: Go Cowboys


10/01/2007 9:46 AM  
Blogger Paulomon Grundy said...

I can't believe Stahan said that. That's a final kick in the groin when opposing players are telling you how bad the coaching was. Everyone else in the world saw this, but not Reid? Morhingweg?

10/01/2007 9:50 AM  
Blogger Leeks555 said...

On draft picks.... we cannot have any hope for those, unless we change the coaching staff. We've already witnessed the brilliant recruiting decisions that Andy has made over the years and it takes no rocket-scientist to see they SUCK.

10/01/2007 11:15 AM  

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