Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Male Pattern Baldness

I have not yet watched the game on TV, so I'm just going by my impressions from watching it from the Linc. Frankly, I haven't fully processed everything yet, because I'm still caught in a bit of an emotional fog consisting of depression, anger and downright disgust. (I wish surprise was in there, along with some hope, but they're nowhere to be found).

So my comments are, in no particular order:

By far, the most glaring, humorous, depressing and downright surreal thing about the "game" last night was Andy Reid's statements at his post-game press conference. He actually said "We're off just by a hair, and we're going to work like crazy to get that straightened out." About this wee "hair," he explained: "It's not all Donovan, number one. It's me getting him in the right position to do some things, an then him continuing to knock the rust off, and the guys around him. It's everyone pulling together and doing their thing. Like I said, we're off by a hair and once we get that straightened out, we'll be okay."

This is downright delusional (of the grandiose type). Ignoring the fact that he claims that we're off by a hair and then enumerates a number of serious problems, it is a statement that is simply not based in reality. In my experience, when someone is trying to negotiate from a weak position, they often increase their bluster to cover it up; likewise, when someone truly lacks real hope, they often talk as if they are very positive.

If our issues were just mental errors that could be corrected with some more film study or more work memorizing plays, that's one thing. Hell, that could even be, possibly, considered to be a "hair". However, it appears -- now more than ever -- that our issues are not so easily correctable.
  • Is Kevin Curtis a "hair" away from being able to get off press coverage? Are any of our receivers for that matter? They were manhandled and smothered in coverage virtually all game.
  • Is William James a "hair" away from not being beaten on man coverage on every play?
  • Is Donovan a "hair" away from gaining the mobility he had a few years ago, which made him the real threat he was (and which enables him to throw accurately -- since he clearly throws better on the run).
  • Are our special teams a "hair" away from performing at an average level? (Our kickoff team was especially abysmal, but I thought Bucky showed some promise returning, at least)
  • Is our coach just a "hair" away from developing a gameplan that isn't obvious to every other team in the league? (It's no longer only Gruden).
William James actually said "It wasn't my best game." That initially pissed me off, as a monstrous understatement. This also implies that he thinks it was not his worst game, or at least it should not be considered among the worst. Getting one pick doesn't make up for being beaten on every play. (And now I'm really curious to see what he considers to be his "best" game -- which IMO would be any game in which he rides the pine).

Reid is simply out of sync with his players. He can't even get on the same page from a PR standpoint. After Reid's PC in which he described one of the numerous problems comprising the "hair" to be Donovan's "rust," Donovan said in his PC that "I don't believe in rust and all of that." Even Westy, the only offensive player who has consistently made plays, talked about how the team just did not have the sense of urgency. Again, Reid's view was dramatically different: "I thought the emotion was there tonight. I thought we were off by a hair all the way around -- both sides of the football, special teams and coaching. We're off by an inch and we have to fix it and close the gap." Is Andy getting PR advice from former Iraqi information minister
Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf?

One TD in 22 possessions. The Phillies scored more points than we did last night. But hey, we're off by just a hair?


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