Friday, October 26, 2007

Neither Fish nor Fowl

Well, I suppose that Eagles would be considered fowl, being birds, but they are also "foul" this in stinking up the jizz-oint. Sorry, I digress...

We all know how Big Red has favored passing over the years, usually hitting 65%-70% passing rates. I think this is because Andy is obsessed with passing and believes that it gives him more points and credibility than grinding out a scoring drive on the ground, and partly because our running game has been anemic from time to time, except for the days of the 3-headed munstah that is...say it with me: DUUUUUUUCCCCE!.

So what are we now - a passing team or a running team? or both? It seems that our Pass v. Run stats are starting to level out - we are throwing only 56% of the time this season. I don't think that's by design, but rather by necessity: our passing game is broken, busted, absent. Our WRs can't get separation and McNabb is scrambling for his life back with a porous O-line. Kevin "White Lightning" Curtis is having a fine year with 29 catches for 506 yards and 4 TDs, but what other Eagle receiver is? [ahem, Westbrook doesn't count folks!]

Apparently, with the $109MM salary cap this season, the Birds are only about $8MM under, which to you and me is a lot of money, but puts us in the top 10 for least amount of cap room. To put it in perspective, the Pats are an estimated $29MM under. Would you say they are getting value for their money? You might also say that the Birds are not.

Knowing that however - the fact that we have $8MM in cap room - why didn't we keep Stallworth? He really was not that expensive...and don't argue that it was his "drug" habits that scared Big Red. Given what's going on in Andy's own home with his drug-dealing sons, a little weed shouldn't be enough to scare ol' Andy away. Stallworth's stats are really solid this season: 22 catches for 367 yards and 3TDs...he is even averaging 16.7 yds/catch. These stats would put him as our #2 WR, by a LONG shot.

What do we have to show at this point: Reggie has been kidnapped and placed in a basement on South Street somewhere and replaced by James Thrash (no TDs and averaging only 12.6 yds/catch), and Avant is just as bad, with only 1 TD.

Granted, the 2007 Pats are a dynasty and might end up being the best team in history, but none of our WRs, other than Curtis maybe, could even start there. Having Stallworth would have provided McNabb with some extra deep threats and speed. This is the worst WR corps in football overall and it's killing our Offense. Dare I say that it may be worse than the Pinkston/Thrash/FredEx triumvirate? Yes, yes, I dare.

How did Andy & Co. not see this coming? Every year there is some glaring problem that they overlook, and these mistakes have held us back year after year.

Speaking of overlooking glaring errors, has Winston Justice been cut yet?

P.S. The Birds are winning today [Sunday], but are not running well. Reggie has 7 catches...shut me up!


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