Monday, October 02, 2006

Speculation Time: The Falcons Threw the Saints Game

This thought has little to do with the Eagles, but it fits with the skeptical 'joie de vivre' we live for here in Negadelphia....I have been thinking about this since last week and waiting for some national commentary on it, but haven't seen anyone tackle it - did the Falcons take a dive last Monday night? All of my sources haven't reported yet, but sure, they did.

I mean, the way in which the Saints handily whipped the Falcons on such a meaningful night for the Saints was uncanny: the choreographed blocked punt, the complete inability of Vick or Dunn to get positive yards, and more than anything else, the look of acquiescence in eyes of Jim Mora and Ron Mexico....I imagine that Shoeless Joe had a similar look in his eyes back in 1919.

Not only did Mora and Company play like they were serving up a victory, but Mora basically admitted as much: "As hard as it is to lose this game tonight, I'd be lying if I didn't say there was a little, little, little, little piece of me that didn't just appreciate what this game meant to this city," said Falcons head coach Jim Mora Jr., whose father skippered the Saints from 1986 to 1996." What coach says that? NO PART of you should appreciate losing. Mora went on: "Unfortunately, we made it way too easy for the Saints," Mora said. [quotes from a CBC Sports article on 9/26/06]. That's right, they MADE [engineered] it too easy for the Saints.

The League should look into this, or maybe I will continue in their place. I'm just scraping the surface here - the rabbit hole goes deep.


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