Saturday, September 30, 2006

DB Situation: Walking but Limping; Some Spontaneous Parcells Bashing

DBs: The Birds' website is reporting that BDawk and Lito should be back to play on Monday, which is great news. I tend to think Lito is rushing it with that sprained ankle and all. I'd rather have him sit out another week than risk missing the Dallas game. And Dawk had a concussion - he's back?! Anyway, our secondary is BEAT UP right now...and our pass D is definitely terrible right now. The run D is making up for it which is good. Michael Lewis and Sheldon, we need you boys right now.

As usual, Reid was completely unhelpful at the press conference on Saturday - why does he even hold these? His responses are always devoid of anything useful....
"We need to get better at that."
"I need to keep on eye on that situation."
His response to concerns about the team's personnel to fill in for our injury-riddled secondary, including the hip injury that Considine is suffering: "We'd be OK," said Reid. "We have guys that can come in - just like we did last week when we played San Francisco."

Oh we do? Which "guys" are those exactly? Andy never gives any specifics or color on any issues - he just needs to stop granting interviews. Yeh, we have 4 guys available to play DB - hope they don't get tired during the game.

EARLY COWBOYS BASHING: Well, since we have big D coming to town in a week might as well bash them a little too:

Speaking of unhelpful coaches, Parcells is another coach who needs to hang up the press conference thing - except for a different reason than Andy....Not sure if anyone has caught one of his little tirades from his bully pulpit, but he apparently lives for the occasion to attack a reporter who wants more information about his decision-making process. People want to know what is going through coaches minds in making certain decisions involving the football team - Parcells takes any probing question as a personal affront to his manhood and takes the opportunityto beat down the reporter asking the question - what a schmuck. I can't figure out why Parcells is still coaching actually...he seems to derive zero joy from it. He seems to loathe the players, barely tolerates management, and crumbles into fits during games and practices, and just looks miserable being out there. Does he need the money to feed a gambling problem? Anywho...

And of course T.O.'s latest foray into national news was interesting...attempted suicide this time... or an accidental overdose of pain drugs. You decide. Pretty funny story to me - not because of what happened to "Terrell", but rather everyone's reactions to it in the media and in the public. People seemed to be almost wishing it to be true so they'd have something juicy to talk about...ESPN and the NFL Network devoted entire nights to the subject. CRAZY. I know we're supposed to despise T.O. in Philly, but I feel bad for him for a lot of reasons - Not only did he have a tough childhood (yeh, I read his book!), but I think it's probably difficult to reconcile problems you have before you're famous with the attention lavished upon you by millions of people because of your special talents. Not everyone is ready for that. As T.O. even said in his interview of Sept 12, he's a human any way you look at it so all of this turmoil can wear on you over time...even if he created a lot of the turmoil himself, it has to wear you out eventually. You can actually see it in his eyes - he just looks sad.

In any case, I still want him to play on Oct 8th - BDawk has something special waiting for him, I know it.


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