Thursday, October 05, 2006

Secondary Update

Obviously, covering Terry Glenn, Witten and T.O. will be Priority One this weekend. So, on a positive note, looks like our 4 horsemen are back: Lito returned to practice and played through all of the drills. My concern is that he's not in shape to cover those guys for a whole game however, but I suppose the coaches have to make that decision...Is an 80% Lito better than a 100% Joselio Hanson? Probably. Our nickel package will be a little weak in any case, as it looks like Rod Hood is doubtful for the game. Dexter and Joselio can't really fill Hood's shoes, but they have been playing a little better lately. The nickel's going to be important in this one, either to help open up some secondary blitzing or just double-teaming T.O.

Speaking of Dexter, his returns have been pretty good lately, much better than Mahe's. I'm hoping that he's going to stay our main return guy.


Blogger Leeks555 said...

Hood provided miserable coverage against the 49ers. Don't forget how many times the 49ers receivers blew past him. Dexter and Joselio might be able to step-it-up and play an excellent game. Joselio had some good plays against GB, a game for which the players were *clearly* not pumped up. I'm hoping everyone will be pumped for Sunday and play their top game.

Coaching will be absolute key as well. Big Red better be in top shape.

10/06/2006 7:02 PM  

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