Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Monday Night's Game: Good Thing the Packers Are Terrible

It's 1:30 a.m. and I just got back from the game... and I want to go to sleep but there are a few things I need to get off my chest:

1st - a win is always nice, so I'm thankful for that. After leaving 17 points on the field in the first half, we were lucky we were playing such a bad team - the Birds would never survive a game with a division rival by playing this sloppy.

2nd - if there was any doubt as to how important Westbrook is to our offense, there isn't any longer. Wow, we just looked like a deflated balloon without The Brook. McNabb's legs saved us tonight, plain and simple. His mobility provided the spark for us in the second half to freeze the Packers D so that we could make some plays. By the way, I can't say enough about McNabb right now either, so I won't bore you with the details - let me sum it up though: League MVP season so far.

3rd - What in THE HELL was that sorry excuse for a fake field goal attempt at the end of the first half? The entire scenario was nonsensical -I can't even list everything wrong with that but...
* why fake a field goal when you're only down by 2 points? A FG would have put us in the lead into halftime.
* and what message does it send to a talented kicker like Akers to not let him attempt a 54 yarder? why not either let him kick it or if you'd rather not let him try, just let McNabb take one more shot at the endzone?
* and if you are going to fake it, why run the clock to 1 second before doing so? That left no time for a follow up play if you DO get the first down. We had 3 timeouts with 45 seconds left on their 30 yard line - Result: no points.
* and then, let's say you go for the fake - why give the ball to your slowest offensive player, Schobel? Were they expecting him to go the distance to paydirt?
* again, back to the basic question - why even fake a field goal with a guy like Akers who could actually make it?!
I need to reference my post from last week - Big Red is a very talented game planner and personnel administrator but he's a shaky decision maker during games
(To wit - the horrible decision to challenge that obvious reception that BDawk knocked loose), and Andy is the worst clock-manager I've seen in pro football (no exaggeration).

4th - We'll need to talk more about this in the coming week with the Cowboys match up, but injuries are killing us. With the Cowboys coming to town, both our secondary and our WR corps have to check themselves into a hyperbaric chamber for the entire week. We need every swinging J out there for this one.

5th - Props to Foots for making a couple nice plays tonight. Visit his website: http://www.glew83.com/.


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