Monday, August 28, 2006

Steeler-Eagles Pics: Hatin' on Us

look at the pics of the eagles-steelers game on so haterish i don't even know where to begin...

here are the subtitles:

Playing this team's a drag
Buckhalter stops here
Watch your blind side
Cool under fire

# 1 shows 5 getting sacked - oh, my, a team runs complex blitzes, during preseason, using stunts and delayed blitzes by their middle linebackers, and get sacks vs. our starters? whoopdie-doo! lookit the scoreboard assholes!

# 2 shows buck getting tackled - makes it sound like palumalu stopped him for little or no gain, right? no, it was 9 yards downfield, assholes. and that was the play shortly before he burned them again for 12 yard pickup on a screen. eat my cleats, assholes. and palumalu, most over-rated safety in the league next to roy williams, missed at least 4 tackes in that game in 1/2 of play. i used to think mccoy sucked b/c he'd fly in the backfield and miss a shoe-string tackle, but after watching this guy and listening to every white announcer in the league suck his nads, i now figure mccoy is destined for the hall of fame.

# 3 shows 5 getting sacked again! - see # 1 above, assholes. he finiedh 7 for 9, for 79 yards, by the way. ben threw for about 55 yards and a pickle.

and # 4, this is my favorite. entitled, "cool under fire," with the description "Ben Roethlisberger, left, gets off a pass as Philadelphia safety Michael Lewis, right, closes in during the first quarter."

No.....!!!! Big Ben got called for intentional grounding on that play, putting his team in 3rd and 33!! How can these assholes sleep at night? MLew didn't "close in" he knocked him down and scared him so shitless he decided to take a 10 yard penalty and loss of down rather than crap fear turds all over the ball.

Funny, they don't show our 3 sacks, 2 interceptions, 3 forced fumbles, 2 recoveries... or how about the score? try showing the score, we won, in fact got the 3 first scores in the game, when all the starters were in. assholes. how about showing akers making 3 for 3 FGs of 40, 49, and 52 yards? or his several touchbacks? why not show trotter making tackle after tackle in the backfield? why not show the 1st 2 series for Pitt, where we knocked Ben down 5 times, hurried him twice, forced an INT and an int'l grounding, and sacked him once?


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