Monday, August 28, 2006

Lucky 7?

Will the Eagles keep seven linebackers? If they do, six are fairly easy to figure out, but number seven coulfd be difficult. Trotter, Jones, McCoy:(, Barber, Simoneau, Gaither are locks. For me, it's Chris Gocong, hands down for #7, if he is healthy. He possess the size and speed for a linebacker in JJ's system. Actually, he is bigger than all of the OLB's we have, but still has the speed and "ballhawking" ability. That being said, it does look like Gocong may be headed for IR for a neck stinger. If so, I say keep Torrance Daniels over Dedrick Roper. Roper has a little more experience in the Eagles system especially on Special Teams, but Daniels is just a pure athlete. He is so fast and, like Gocong, has a nose for the ball. I think he brings more to the position with his size and abilities (6'3, 248). Not to mention, he has made several standout plays during the pre-season. I have not heard alot from Roper. With Gocong or Daniels as the back up OLB, we are good.


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