Monday, April 30, 2007

Eagles' Draft in One Word: SMUG

Someone on the Cowboys' message board said that this weekend's draft was "not for the casual fan." Very true, at least from what I saw. Not only was it the longest draft in NFL history, it was also the most boring and indistinguishable from a talent standpoint. I usually don't follow college too closely so I'm not a draft maven, but this year was particularly obscure to me. We didn't even have a reliable draft guide on hand so I didn't know these guys at all.

Anyway, here are our picks:

Round Overall No.
1 26 (Traded to Dallas)
2 36 (from DAL via CLE) - QB Kevin Kolb
2 57 - DE Victor Abiamiri
3 87 (from Dallas) - LB Stewart Bradley
3 90 - RB Tony Hunt
4 125 (Traded to New Orleans)
5 159 (from Dallas) - FS C.J. Gaddis
5 162 - TE Brent Celek
6 201 - CB Rashad Barksdale
7 236 - RB Nate Ilaoa

First, let's put aside the QB pick for a second. Other than that freakshow, I'm actually pretty satisfied with the Bird's draft overall. I think Tony Hunt from PS is exactly the type of player we need. We needed that guy 3 years ago however, but hey, that's not news. The other picks addressed needs, although I wish we went after a more defined Safety rather than a crossover type. Not a big deal however.

Ok, the QB pick: Why? What was the pressing need to trade down then go after a guy we could have still waited another round for? Also, I don't understand why anyone would trade out of the first round unless there is a huge payoff somewhere along the line. From what I saw, there were some great players that we could have nabbed, like that LB Posluszny from PS. Anyway, the whole trading down shell game is just more of Reid's and Banner's chicanery that has gotten SO OLD. Everything has to be done the hard way - they like torturing us and acting like they are so clever. It's a game to them.

I wish Andy would just follow the damn rules and get the best players you can when it's time to pick. He has to be so SMUG and cute with everything....just like passing on 3rd and 1. No need. But he still doesn't have a trophy to show for it. Andy, please leave Philly as soon as possible. We're done with you here.

Anyway, I assume this QB move is a signal to McNabb that his time is nearing an end here. He certainly is injury prone and hasn't shown us he can execute under pressure, but he's still our guy. It worries me that McNabb's delicate sensibilities will be broken however...he's very FRAGILE although he tries to pretend he's not.

I do think getting a QB for the future is a good idea, but didn't think we'd needed to make that move this year...we have 5 QBs one the roster now. Oddly, the same number of WRs we have also. Yeh, that makes a lot of sense....


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Great post, I agree with everything. for once.

Now help me figure out what my password is so I can post again!


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