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First off, let me apologize. As Popstar called me out for yesterday, I was actually on the road for part of the game (a 7:45pm flight out of Buffalo forced me to miss much of the 2nd half). But the football gods were smiling on me, as they saw fit to deliver me an 87-yard touchdown strike from McNabb to Baskett just before I left for the airport. For God saw what he had created in a quarterback, and he was pleased. - Negadelphia 3:16. And, I have already been punished, as the football gods saw fit to make sure that I could just barely make out WIP through the white noise on the a.m. dial on the way to the airport in Buffalo. Just enough to hear a "Brown" or a "Bledsoe" or a "ties the game at 24," but nothing else. I only got confirmation of the win right before the plane started taxiing down the runway - imagine my flight if Dallas had tied that game up right before my flight takes off! And, to top it off, I forgot to play Philly's D yesterday in fantasy football, so I lost about 15 points (playing the Pitt D did last night against the Chargers). Doh! Anyway, lesson learned. Family does NOT come first. I'm sorry. Will never do it again. Now, on to business...

Paulumon already hit many of the high points I was gonna write about in my Prop 10 this week:

(1) D-Walk - not only for nailing Bledsoe 6 times (3 sacks, 1 FF, 3 hurries), but for the amazing restraint he showed in not doing his patented "crawl" after each sack. He's really growin' up!

(2) Quinten Mikell - this guy has been a demon in ST coverage much of this year. He did a great job nailing Terrence Newman on a couple of punt returns yesterday.

(3) Trot - the Lumberjack's been playing (and yapping) like a madman all year, and he brings a lot of fire to this D. Honorable mention - Shawn Barber, who was all over yesterday in coverage and run support, and recovered the fumble on Dallas' botched punt to set up a score.

(4) Receivers - Aikman made the point yesterday that we've had a different #1 receiver every week this year (Stallworth, Brown, Lewis, Baskett, LJ). Basically, we can have a guy out for injury, or they can take a guy away or gameplan for him, but then someone else steps up. Just imagine how hard they'd be to defend if they actually didn't lead the NFL for the 2nd year in a row in dropped balls?...

(5) Ssecondary - Lito comes back from a 3-game ankle-vacation to pick off Bledsoe twice and run one back 102 yards to clinch the victory, and, defend 6 passes to boot. Lito's back, folks. Hansen even held his own against TO several times, and there were many times Bledsoe had all kinds of time to throw but no one was open. Bang up job from a banged up bunch. Oh, yeah, and Dawkins grabbed the 29th pickle of his career, moving him up to #5 all-time for the Birds. These guys had to listen to the TO/Glenn hype ALL WEEK, and all they did was pick off Bledsoe 3 times and knock down several more passes; TO and Glenn were covered most of the game, and they came up and popped Witten when he caught the ball.

(6) Trent Cole - led the team with 9 takles, including several for either a loss or no gain, and notched another sack, which gives him a league-leading 6 on the year. This guy is a beast, and clearly playing much better (and bigger) than he did in his 5-sack rookie season. I love that he's so good against the run, in addition to being a pass-rush demon. He's a keeper.

(7) Darren Howard - 2 sacks, 1 forced fumble, 2 hurries (1 that led to a pickle, and another that Lito dropped). Howard was a 1-man wrecking crew, especially in that 1st half. Great pickup. I was thinking back yesterday to his signing this offseason, and how quiet the press (and a lot of the fans) were. I wasn't so sure myself how good he'd be - he came off a New Orleans D that just always seems to plug guys in who then produce, and he was also coming off an injury that limited him last year. But he's been everything we've asked of him this year, and could easily be our defensive MVP if he keeps it up.

(8) Hank Baskett - Damn, rook! 87-yd TD, first 100-yd receiving game, and going into the MNF game, his 3 catches for 112 yards led ALL NFL receivers this week.

(9) NcNabb - You all know what he did, and Paulumon already wrote him up pretty good, but I just wanted to mention 1 thing. Actually, on second thought, I won't, don't want to jinx it. I'll give you a hint though: it has 2 letters, it's something to do with an honor the league picks every year, and, oddly enough, the first mention I heard if it yesterday (because I missed Aikman's commentary until I saw it late on TIVO) was from a Cowboys fan...

(10) B-West - quiet game... Ya gotta love it when a guy chips in 85 total yards running and catching, adds a 1st-quarter touchdown, and it feels like an off-day for him. He gets special props for showing up after not practicing all week, and leading the entire league with 6 TDs. (BTW, I had already forgiven his fumble when he ran that TD).

Shameful 5:

(1) T.O. - let's see, his last week consisted of OD'ing then lying about it, lying about not getting a well-wishing text message from McNabb, then flopping in the biggest (and most hyped) game of his season. 3 for 45 is subpar, dude. The worst thing he did this week, though, was call Bledsoe out in the post-game Q&A with the press.

"I felt like I was open," Owens said. "You guys are smart enough. You guys watched the film. You guys are some experts. You guys can break the film down. I felt like I was open. I felt like there was some opportunities out there for me to make some plays. I just didn’t make them."

"I don't know," Owens said afterward. "You watched the game, didn't you? Who pulled the trigger? I’m just out there doing my job." (Henceforth, all TO quotes I use will be in pink? why? Because he has the mentality of a 13-year old girl, that's why.)

As 2 other QBs that he's thrown under the bus can attest, we all saw this coming. Guess what, TO, those balls you dropped when you heard footsteps? Those weren't Bledsoe's fault. Seems like he "pulled the trigger" just fine then...

(2) Bledsoe - that being said, this relic finished the game with a dismal, 7 sacks, 50% completion, 3 INTs (shoulda been 4), and 2 fumbles. Granted, he had Gang Green in his face the whole game, but there are still a lot of passes he wishes he had back today. He better step it up, or the chants of "Romo!, Romo!" are just going to get louder.

(3) Parcells - I almost threw up my spicy chicken finger sub every time they downed his leaky lactating man-tits hanging out of his underarmor shirt. Come on, dude, show some class, and do what every other fat guy in the country does, put a sweatshirt on and cover those bad boys up!
Not only that, but every shot of Parcells was him chewing out one of his players. as someone said last week, look dude, you obviously don't like the players, you don't like the fans, you don't like the press, and you don't like your owner, so why are you still hanging around?

(4) Reno Mahe - just because.

(5) Hands - as in, those belonging to our receivers. We're putting up sick #s this year. But imagine how much sicker they'd be if these guys caught the ball with more consistency than my grandmother's cakemix. I mean, COME, ON!


Blogger Paulomon Grundy said...

About Parcells' lack of interest in the game - that was my comment from a couple weeks ago when I was ripping on Big Red for his press conference presence. Parcells didn't adjust well at all yesterday, but we did at half time, and he can't blame Bledsoe or anyone but himself. Why no deep balls to TO or Glenn? a couple more fade routes perhaps? One on one going deep, Lito or Sheldon would've had problems covering those guys. can't figure out Parcells, but he's done-ski in my opinion.

As for our WRs, I'll give them some props but not as many as Dubs gives them - IMO, the main reason they are doing well is McNabb, who is delivering the ball on a silver platter most of the time. There were also a lot of drives yesterday where no one could get open and McNabb was running for his life and making stuff happen. I think this will change when we get Stallworth back - he's a legit #1 guy who will open things up and make it less challenging for Dmac.

10/09/2006 2:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For what it's worth, here are my thoughts on the game from a Cowboys perspective. I'll start with the bad, as that's getting me through the day:
1) Bledsoe- Just played awful! Parcells admitted that Witten ran the right route at the end of the game and Bledsoe blew it. His once strong suit, his arm strength, seems to be fading. His consistent flaws, holding the ball too long and taking sacks, remain. Kudos to Jim Johnson and the Eagles D for blitzing and beating up Bledsoe all day. Seems like this came as a surprise to the Cowboys coaching staff... which leads me to..

2) Awful Coaching- On offense, no adjustments to pick up the blitz, limited use of the shotgun formation, screens, slants, etc., to beat it. Just plain awful. Everyone in the stadium and watching at home knew the blitz was coming so how did the coaches not prepare for it? As far as the defense, Ellis and Ware played edge containment most of the second half... who were the Cowboys coaches expecting, Ricky Watters? Zimmer needs to let these guys play and stop this read and react crap with the front seven. You have to pick your poison with McNabb and the Dallas defense chose to contain him and not pressure him in the second half.... which leads to...

3) McNabb is having an MVP season... as much as I hate to admit it, I said it to JDubs yesterday. And yes, this is a negative to me. He looks sharp, he's elusive but stays in the pocket and he seems to be having fun again... not good.

4) Pat Watkins. The rookie had a long day.

As far as the good:

1) We stayed in the game despite five turnovers and coughing up ten points early on. How we were still in the game with Bledsoe playing so poorly and the Parcells' poor coaching is beyond me.

I think that's it. Like I told Popstar (who somehow got my number to send me text messages yesterday, Paulum!), I think the road to the division championship comes back through Dallas in December. The Eagles will have Stallworth back and maybe, just maybe, the Cowboys' coaches will watch some film and acknowledge the Eagles might blitz. Round two of the heavyweight fight we saw yesterday will commence... hopefully we'll get some more punches in the second time around.


10/09/2006 4:09 PM  

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