Friday, August 18, 2006

Eagles-Ravens Mess

Yeah, that's right, mess. It was sloppy, people. The 1s played well vs. the Ravens' 1s, going into the half with a 10-3 lead. But the 2s and 3s were out-classed big-time by the Ravens' backups.

Here are my 10(ish) quick thoughts:

1. I told you Juqua thomas was a playa! I'll take 2.5 sacks in 1 quarter any day. In total I think we got 7 sacks as a team. Juqua has 4.5 in 3 preseason games now. He, folks, is comin' on!!! What's great is we got to them with the blitz, but we also got lots of pressure with just the front 4. Ends were flying at their QBs left and right (literally!)

2. Bunk - 1.5 sacks, got great push and collapsed the pocket with regularity. Can't wait to see him in playing shape!

3. Reno - looked great with 2 8-yard runs up the gut early, right into Ngata, good TD catch, but the later fumble is inexcusable. what is up with our RBs this year? they can't stay healthy and they can't hang onto the rock!

4. Matry Johnson - it's a testament to how bad our RBs are when this guy comes in and learns 2 plays, then proceeds to be our best RB. I like him, though, 5-11, 230lbs, I hope he stays on.

5. Buck, my friends, is back. 48-yd catch. Damn you Ed Reed with your TD saving tackle!

6. B-Dawk - try 2 or 3 PDs, a fumble recovery, and he absolutely laid the wood on Jamal Lewis (not that it had any effect...) in 1 half of play. Also had 2 or 3 really good sideline celebrations and posing sessions. Your my boy, blue!

7. Gaffney finally emerged. Apparently he had a great week of practice, finally is getting the system down, and then grabbed 4 balls for about 70yds and looked very open late in the game. We'll see. Greg Lewis looked horrible, cut his a$$.

8. How'd ya like that no-huddle offense, bitches?! I've only been waiting 8 years to see us do this!

9. Bye, bye Koy. Wretched is the word that comes to mind. (Assisted by a horrible showing by our 2nd-string O-line.) On the other hand, Timmy Chang can play some ball! I think our 3rd QB situation is set.

And last, but certainly not least, I give you: 10. Shawn Andrews, "the best guard in the NFL" - this from the Ravens D.C., (Buddy Ryan's boy) - hooyeah!


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