Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Some Comments on Sunday's "Game"


I watched the game again last night, and scouted mainly the o-line, d-line, and some other specific players like McCoy. Based on 1 game, if that carries through and he gets better, I think we might have a Keith Brookings-type weakside 'backer.

Strengths: fast, aggressive, flows to the ball, hits pretty hard, and can apparently gnaw a QB's neck off
Weaknesses: took a couple of bad pursuit angles, & that late hit out of bounds on the QB was stupid, and a couple of times he was hesitant (I think all these are correctible with more playing time)

Watching the 1st time, he didn't look so good and lookde late getting to the ball, but on replay I realized that's cause he was on teh other side of the field.

But he plays the way we, and JJ, want him to, and that's downhill at all times. meaning, you can mess up, but you better mess up at full speed.

The fact of the matter is, you could put a potato truck in there at WLB and it would be better than Keith Adams was last year.

I think Bruce Perry got his bell rung in the 2nd quarter - got wood laid on him. I bet that contributed to the fumbles and the later concussion.

And that hit by JR Reed was killer!


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