Monday, August 07, 2006

JDub's gettin upset

"i'm bored, and i can't read any more "TO has a pulled hammy" or "TO showing what a great leader he's become by throwing a football around for 20 minutes on the sideline with a rookie reciever" stories.

seriously, and what the F has parcells done in the last 10 years that merits him being written up on a daily basis? and who is stephen a. smith anyway? did TO save him from drowning one day and now he owes him a life debt of unfettered punditry support forever?

and for that matter, when did aikman stop being gay and get married?

and why are madden's eyebrows orange when his hair is white? for that matter, why can't he EVER talk about the play on the field and shut the F up about TO, larry allen, and brett favre? were they the last big names he memorized before he completely lost his shite? seriously, they were on some diatribe about TO or something other than the game last night, while there were some nice plays being made (like gaither's 1st TFL, and i couldn't figure out who he was b/c he wears 96, a lineman's # - god forbid you actually announce the tackler on the play), and the ONLY thing that brought those 2 knuckleheads back to the game (and reality) was that somebody's show came off. i kid you not, michaels did not speak for 10 minutes, while jr "you'll never walk again" reed was flying around the field and madden was babblign on and on and on about nothing, and the only thing that got his attention back to the game that he is paid to call, was the camera focusing on a shoe that had slipped off." - JDub McGillicutty


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