Tuesday, March 21, 2006


OK, we know about the antics of these two guys, but Rosenhaus has done a good job exposing the greed of NFL organizations and fighting for players' rights. Of course, my hater side (which is 90%) was hoping to see TO's 2005 schizo routine result in some kind of punishment, like a reduced salary or difficulty getting to a good team, but there are always people like Al Davis and Jerry Jones out there willing to take on problem children, as long as they can help them WIN (which is what this whole "NFL thing" is about). TO landed his big contract - he'll be the highest paid receiver in the league, despite unleashing the flu that killed the Birds in 2005. I hate to say it, but TO deserves that money. TO is a game-changing WR with a skill set unlike any other WR in the NFL, and the market values a player of his caliber much more than the Birds recognized. In about 10 years, when crappy organizations like the Eagles are in ruins because good players won't be treated like fungible commodities, people will look back at Rosenhaus for getting this movement started - NFL players are treated like crap, compared to the revenue coming in and other professional sports.

The Birds are cheap, and they look stupid now. As for damage control, I'm stunned at the lack of improvements they've made this offseason. You'd think they'd retailiate in some way by maxing their cap money out and signing some star players to make this team better in the wake of last season. Not so much. What's exciting about this coming season? This organization has no commitment to winning, just a commitment to bilking players and fans out of their hard-earned money. I hope Philly fans tear the Linc apart piece by piece when the Cowboys get to the Super Bowl before we do again (for 9th time or whatever). Reid, Banner, and especially the cheap mofo Lurie all need to go.

From TO's new rap song - He sums it up (in an ignorant way, but still sums it up): "I got a brand new team, I am a Cowboy now, no more black and green, to the haters that said I'm not going to get my money, I'm laughing in your face, ha ha, that's funny."


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