Friday, April 13, 2007

Phun Phillies Phacts

Ah yes, the essence of Philly sports. Any wonder why we have a huge chip on our collective shoulder?

The Phillies have lost three games so far this season. If they lose 42 more they will be the first team in history to reach 10,000 losses for a franchise. They entered the season with 9,955 losses, so with the three losses they are at 9,958.

Only the Giants have won 10,000 with 10,114 wins against 8,639 losses (through last night's loss to the Dodgers.)

The Cubs need a 100 win season (only 98 more to go) to reach 10,000 wins. They entered the season with 9,900 wins and are 2-2 so far this year.


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