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More of the Same: Stallworth in Free Agency

ok, I know I'm completely burnt out, but with my last gasp of life, I'll reach down deep for the energy to rip Andy Reid one more time - the guy hasn't learned anything over these last 7 seasons. Here we go again...Big Red has chosen the "degree of difficulty" routine in trying to build a Super Bowl team. "The more difficult the better"...and of course, "the cheapper the better". Ticket prices continue to rise, yet we can't "afford" to pay our only deep threat.

Donte Stallworth entered free agency this week, which isn't surprising. I saw it coming right after our playoff loss where Andy indicated in his press conference that he "felt as comfortable having Donte on the field as not having Donte on the field." Wow, that's a ringing endorsement!

OK, playing Devil's advocate, Donte has an injury history and maybe, just maybe, it's worth the gamble to release him into the free agency market to see if the market won't pay him top dollar....but how many good deep threats are there in the market? Are we seriously satisfied with Brown, Baskett and Avant to help us go all of the way? We're reverting back to the Pinkston, Thrash and FredEx years...I mean, Brown is definitley an upgrade from that catastrophe, but Brown's not a number 1 guy...did anyone pay attention to how McNabb's numbers skyrocketed when TO arrived and he had a real WR to throw to? Does receiving matter in this system?? Yes, yes, it does when you pass 60% of the time! I give up.

I'm so tired of Andy's crap. As I've said over and over, it's clear he is the second coming of Marty Schottenheimer - he doesn't have what it takes to win it all. He's been outcoached in every big game he's had...regular season against the Skins, yeh, he's terrific, but when it really counts...not so much. Andy and the cheapskates in management may end up being right about not fighting for Donte, but they better have a plan for upgrading our receiving corps before the season starts.


Blogger Dave Popstar said...

How hilarious is it that our previous NUMBER ONE wideout and NUMBER ONE slot receiver are no longer in the game -- and not voluntarily. (Obviously, I'm talking about Pinky and FredEx). They started on the Eagles and couldn't make the practice squad on any other team. To me, that speaks volumes on how high Andy values those positions, which just doesn't make sense given his penchant for passing.

About Donte -- I think he's the man. He's got great hands and great speed. I think Reggie has learned from him. (I also think Reggie is getting better and better, but will he be a standout? Maybe, but I don't know -- I definitely think it's too early to say he won't be). Anyway, Donte seems like a total team player, and a great guy in the locker room too. Sure, he has the history of injury and it kept him out of some games this season, but he seemed to make it back okay. Our training staff seems top o' the line, so maybe they can help him there. I definitely do not want to lose him. Or rather, I guess I should say, I definitely am pissed that we let him go without even trying to resign him.

If I thought Andy had a strategy to go after someone else in free agency, like an even more proven deep threat, I would feel better about it. But history has shown us the opposite.

Maybe Andy gets some type of commission or kickback based upon the amount of coin we stay under the cap? That would be the only thing that would truly explain Andy's strategy.

2/08/2007 1:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A fatter, redder Wade Philips, if you will.


2/10/2007 2:46 PM  

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