Monday, January 01, 2007

Anyone Nervous about Next Weekend?

Ah yes, a new year, a new opportunity for disappointment! I don't know about anyone else, but if I wasn't completely burnt out from the emotional rollercoaster I've been on which has been fueled by Andy Reid's inability to win the big games over the last 5 years, I'd be very nervous about facing an NFC East rival in the first round of the playoffs. Although the Giants are not a good team, many bad teams seem to channel the '85 Bears as soon as the playoffs begin.

Theismann said: "As for the Giants, they have to rely on another big day from Tiki Barber to have any shot. It's obvious that Eli Manning is simply too young and inexperienced to give them what they need at this point in his career." What? Why is Eli given so much slack all of the time? Brady and Roethlisberger won Super Bowls already at his age, and a lot of other young QBs are showing vast improvement as rookies while Eli seems to be stagnating; and it's not like Eli doesn't have enough weapons at his disposal. He seems to lack the killer instinct above all and that may be the ultimate issue. He's had enough time to make strides and hasn't really stepped up yet. That could be changed starting this Sunday.

It'll be interesting to look at the match up as the weekend gets closer, but this game could go either way. I don't like all of these statements by analysts about how favored the Birds are for this game and how we're "soaring into the playoffs" and such. It's true, a 5 game winning streak is money, but it means nothing now that the playoffs are beginning. Overall, I'll be mildly disappointed if the Birds lose, but the playoffs seem like gravy to me anyway after all we've been through this season. Clinching the NFC East was pretty sweet and that's more than enough for me at this point.

As a side note: Great win vs. the Falcons yesterday! Our second stringers schooled Vick and the Dirty Birds. AJ had a really nice day - 321 yards, 3 TDs - which makes me think that he would have filled in nicely for McNabb as well, although obviously not as well as Garcia has. Baskett had a monster day, receiving for almost 200 yards. He's big, he's strong and he has good hands. I like it. Defensively, Considine played his balls off, literally. His balls were lying on the field after the game...He was hitting huge and could have had multiple INTs had he been a little more sure-handed.


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