Sunday, January 07, 2007

Giant-Eagles Last Minute Prediction (i.e. Guess)

All bets are off now that the playoffs are here. I think that both of these NFC East rivals have major weaknesses, but the Birds have less problems than the Giants at this point. The G-men are riddled with injuries for one thing - in particular Strahan is out, and their record is terrible when he's not playing.

Defensively, Jim Johnson seems to have Eli's number, and considering Eli's lack of progress as a technical QB over the last few years, a good blitz scheme like we used against Dallas should confuse him enough to throw his rhythm off. So, the key will likely be how much muscle we have in stopping Tiki. Our run D has improved so much since the early part of the year, that I feel pretty confident about it right now.

Offensively, I see the same issue as always: Brook, Brook and more Brook. I hope he gets many carries today. If Garcia can dink and dunk our way down the field on passing downs, we can distract the Giants D enough to let Brook run wild at key times. Reggie Brown and Stallworth need to work hard today to make things easier on Garcia too.

So, bottom line is that I see the Birds winning 27-20 in a game that's not as close as that may sound.


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