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Humiliation in sport

Humiliation in sport can be regarded as defeat by a large margin or poor overall performance, causing complete loss of face or dignity by a person or team. For example, in English Association Football or Soccer, the phrase 'doing a Sunderland' was coined to describe relegation from a higher league to a lower league in spectacular and humiliating fashion.

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A few quick comments...

Last night's "performance" was beyond humiliation. We played with no heart whatsoever; we didn't just lack the will to win, but didn't even have the will to simply not embarass ourselves. We performed as if we all overdosed on lithium. It was disgraceful, especially given the fact that it was the night they retired Reggie White's jersey and we played in front of his teammates -- people who we idolized. People who did have a ton of heart, even though they always ultimately fell short.

On another note, it was also a joke that Lurie even took the field during that tribute. Is he really that out of touch with this city? We never really cheer owners who make billions of dollars, whether or not we're winning. I found it completely ironic that Lurie, the Eagles' owner who was too cheap to keep our best players, would take part in the tribute, since it was another owner, Norman Braman, who was too cheap to keep Reggie. Braman didn't even offer Reggie a new contract, how preposterous is that? And now to have Lurie be the grandmaster of a celebration for Reggie's career with the organization that turned its back on him? Ug.

And Mahe is still horrible, and would not even make an arena football team. Moats looked scared and completely out of his league. McMahon played like he skipped practice (for the last few years). I mean, throwing interceptions is one thing, but throwing two that are returned for touchdowns, man, that's not easy. It's like a statistic I heard about AJ Feely when he first started with Miami, how he had more interceptions returned for touchdowns than he had receptions for touchdowns. LJ was in a daze, and G Lew has effectively filled Pinkston's role as a complete sissy. And I didn't get to really focus on Shawn Andrews that much, but when I did, it looked like he was just lazy, not following through and completely missing his blocks without concern. Something fundamental is wrong with this team, and it's something that even Reid, Banner and Lurie can't simply ignore anymore.

So Joe -- is it too late to cash in your ticket to Detroit, or are you still hopeful?


Blogger Paulomon Grundy said...

what can i say except that ditto to everything you said. We have a mentally defeated team who is hung over from lowsy organization support, offseason drama of TO and other players, and coming off a horrendous SB loss. there is nothing optimistic at this point, except to throw the last 4 games and get good draft picks.

12/06/2005 12:50 PM  

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