Friday, December 15, 2006

Will the "Streak" Continue?

Answer: No.

First of all, there is no streak. Second, we're not a good team so let's all come back to reality.

Everyone is talking up our "playoff hopes" and how Garcia's play has been better than McNabb's MVP-like play from earlier this season. Peter Queen said "Maybe I'm overselling Jeff Garcia, but this three-game starting streak he's on? Donovan McNabb had a great opening-season stretch this year, but it wasn't better than the last 12 quarters played by Garcia."

Jeff Garcia, League MVP? Not quite. Like I've said he's done a nice job stepping in and I respect his heart, but let's not get crazy here. Everyone's crowning this guy the second coming all of a sudden.

Jdubs wrote to me today: "garcia has 8 tds and no picks in 3+ games. that's better than mcnabb. and his qb rating is the 1st time in eagles history that we've had a qb rating that high 3 games in a row. and he's only been sacked twice. look at how long some of our scoring drives have been in those games. i admit, i was way down on garcia after his 2.6 ypa outing vs the colts, despite being efficient, but yards don't mean shite. scoring does."

I disagree with this assessment for a bunch of reasons, but for the sake of brevity here during my lunch, let's just say that we've been playing bad teams during this stretch, and we have some other players stepping up and playing a little better as well.

Fun to listen to all of this...I mean, funny. These people need something to talk about so they start talking streaks as soon as a team wins one game. The NFC is so replete with average teams, they are scrambling to make sense of it all so they can write stories. If anyone can recall the early parts of the last 5 seasons, the Redskins were continuously being crowned as the "hot" team every time they scored a TD... that's what I'm talking about here.

Focus on the big picture people: We have no playoff hopes and it's best for everyone to come to grips with that now. We're an average team who needs to focus on the offseason at this point - LBs, D-linemen and a RB should be our priorities. Sure, let's play the next few games and try to win; however, fans are getting themselves psyched up for another let-down. Let it go.

In any case, the streak is going to end this weekend, so we can all get back to feeling bad about this team again...hopefully, we will all get mad enough and get Reid tossed out on his large behind.

My predictions for the next couple of weeks:

Giants 31, Eagles 17
Cowboys 41, Eagles 20
(this game may even be worse than this - the Cowboys are going to whoop us hard...I'm just saying, be ready)

um, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah...and a safe and healthy Kwanzaa to all!


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