Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Showing Some Heart; Booing Garcia?

Last night was a very nice win (for a mediocre team over another mediocre team). Although I despise Hoge, he nailed it in saying that these 2 teams wouldn't even be mentioned as playoffs contenders if they were in the AFC. The circle of life continues...

On offense, I liked the play selection by Big Red overall although he did stick win the same off-tackle running plays at times that were getting stuffed. The Brook did a great job as usual. We of course have to tip our collective caps to Garcia for playing very well, especially in light of the overall consensus that AJ should be starting. I think the O-line should be commended as much as Garcia should be in this case, and the WRs did a nice job overall making plays to help Garcia's cause. Runyan owned Peppers. I understand from JDubs that DUUUUUUCE has been cut from the Stillers - let's grab him! Hell, I'll take a bruiser like him right now, slow or not.

The Defense still showed signs of weakening in this game as Smith ran circles around us, and they have yet to have an outright dominating performance this season; but at the same time, they made key plays when they had to. Lito's interception to seal the victory was very nice - but I have been hoping that our DBs would learn from that goalline fade play that burns us frequently. At least the D demonstrated SOME heart this game, as opposed to none at all. It's as if they showed they want to contend this season, albeit a bit late in the season.

Booing Peter Pan: A friend of mine commented how horrible the Philly fans were for booing when AJ didn't come in as Garcia appeared to be injured - he didn't understand why fans would boo a player who is playing well for us, as Garcia was last night. Why did they boo? The answer to that is more complicated then can be addressed on my lunch break, but suffice it to say that it's been the topic of countless rants and posts on this blog, and in the end, I believe the fans were justified to boo. Those boos have been a long time in coming, and if we were in Green Bay, Dallas or Pittsburgh, then Garcia may have received a ticker-tape parade for his performance under adversity. Here in Philly however, a town starved for a championship and destined to be second-rate in perpetuity, Garcia will hear the gentle sound of Boo-birds. And I say, too bad for Garcia. It's not easy playing here. Win us a Super Bowl and those boos will disappear.

Despite Garcia's very nice game, I still prefer AJ. I can see Garcia's meltdown around the corner, as can the other fans I assume. When it's all said and done, AJ and Garcia are completely different QBs, but AJ can make many completions that Garcia fails to make - AJ is taller and has a better arm and would deliver the football more effectively. Garcia oftens dances around in the pocket and appears panicky. Having said that though, I'll repeat that he had a very nice game, and I am proud of him for sticking in there and performing well...

I'd still boo though!


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