Sunday, November 19, 2006

See Youse Guys in '07, Maybe

Well, um...the season's over officially.

Football in this city has entered into its darkest days in 7 years with McNabb's injury. The ACL tear is a potentially career-ending, or at a minimum, career-dampening injury for McNabb, and the death knell for any Super Bowl shot we had for the forseeable future. As a mobile QB and not a strong pocket passer as it is, McNabb is not likely to bounce back too quickly from this one. Even if the knee heals by next season, I don't see him being as effective. In fact, we should go ahead and draft a QB to develop for the future on the offseason. Seriously. I don't want to be too negative, but the future looks bleak at Eagles QB.

Where do we go from here...can only up go fortunately. In the beginning of the season, I was counting on this being a re-building year. In between, there were some glimmers that it might be a playoff season, but now all of that is gone and we're back to re-building. What do we need to re-build? Answer: Pretty much everything.

This team cannot even do the basics competently. It is truly sad. And again, that all goes back to coaching. Just some random thoughts before I fall into a chemically-induced sleep:

* Jeff Garcia is entirely too old to be playing in the NFL. How can a guy complete 26 passes and only have 189 yards - that's a 3.9 yard average! He didn't even look downfield - just threw to his safety valve every time. No arm strength. AJ needs to start the next game.

* How depressing is it when Reno Mahe actually looked better than the rest of the team.

* We threw 61 TIMES today! Andy, do you have a learning disability??

* How does having the heaviest O-line in the NFL help? This squad is the least physical team I've seen play the game in decades. We don't intimidate anyone, we can't tackle anyone, we can't stop anyone, even on our home field.

* Can anyone catch passes anymore? Reggie has so many dropped passes, I'm beginning to get negative about him too.

* Finally, during the offseason, Andy Reid needs to be moved to GM permanently, or if I had my way, just go altogether. He's had his shot and his system isn't working - things are just getting worse in fact. We need a new head who can teach our players the basics again: how to tackle, how to be disciplined enough to avoid penalties, how to block and execute in the Red Zone.

[sigh of relief]

I feel a little bloodpressure just dropped 30 points actually. At least now I'll be able to enjoy watching other games...after a period of mourning that is.


Blogger Dave Popstar said...

You know it's been horrible when even Spadaro writes: "It was a nightmare day for the Eagles, one that we've seen far too often since that 4-1 start to the season."

I actually left the game early because I have a ton of work to do. (I feel guilty about it, but it certainly wasn't difficult to leave this game). But when we were walking to the subway, we heard the crowd cheer and then saw some fireworks. Everyone looked at each other and figured that we just must've gotten a first down.

I feel kind of awkward saying it, but I think the only dim spot (I can't say "bright spot" in a game of total darkness; "dim" is as good as it gets) was Reno Mahe. As Mike Quick was saying, he's not someone who'll wow you, but he's consistently getting yards on returns, (usually) making good decisions, and fighting for every yard. The ST blocking has seemed to improve somewhat too, as he's been able to actually run north-south. But he still has the ability to juke a little. In a game where everyone seemed to just go through the motions, make stupid mental mistakes and just lack focus, Reno seemed like the only one out there who really played like they cared.

I also give Shawn Andrews credit for hustling to chase down Randy Starks. It was just all too appropriate that he was still able to lateral it to Bulluck to score.

That stuff out of the way, I agree 100% that it's time to start developing a new QB. KES said he'll post something explaining ACL rehab (he rehabbed 6 of them last year), and mentioned he thinks No. 5 will be fine next year. That said, he'll be 30 and although that's still kind of young, it takes time to develop a real franchise QB, or even just a young franchise backup who'll eventually take the reins. I dread the thought of possibly having to go a few seasons with some old, washed-up, temporary Warner-esque QB. (Oh yeah, or like Garcia). I still hope McNabb will come back strong, but how many years does he have left? (That's assuming he'll play through the entire season -- which he's only done in 2 of the last 5). Maybe three solid seasons left?

Is AJ our hope? It ain't Garcia. For Reid, who is usually wedded to chain-of-command, to say he hasn't decided who will start next week is saying something. So I guess we'll see... (Or at least those who are still left watching will).

It's great that we have a nationally televised game next week, against an extremely angry Colts team with an even bigger chip on their collective shoulder from their first loss. Our O will be impotent and confused, and Payton is always about 4 steps ahead of our D which is already swiss cheese. Should be fun. Can't wait.

This city is cursed.

11/19/2006 11:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Guys-

Sorry to see McNabb go down like that yesterday. That's it.


11/20/2006 11:52 AM  

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