Friday, November 17, 2006

Running Backs Revisited

Based on Westbrook's solid performance in a true running back role last weekend, I'm hopeful that Andy Reid has finally acknowledged that having a good running game is a critical part of a Super Bowl team. Progress. He released his little color-coded chart from his sweaty grip to Marty.

So, it's a good time to start thinking about our running game and where we go from here. Westbrook has already matched his season total for rushing yards for last season (617 yards last year on 152 carries compared to 613 yards this year on 119 carries) and his average per carry is way up to 5.2 ypc, which in fact is the league's best so far for running backs. That's a telling stat so that means: give him at least 20 carries per game, maybe even 25. It would probably open up the pass a little more as well. McNabb has been struggling a bit compared to earlier this season as it seems defenses are catching on to our "big play or bust" offense.

The main issue is that we have no real alternative to the Brook, like a guy who can carry the ball 10 times and punish the defense, wearing them out over the course of a game. Not that Buck is that guy, but the Birds' website is reporting that he is suffering from the flu and may be out this week so that's not good...does that mean we'll see Moats come out of his cocoon? Surely, Mahe can't be the alternative...or COULD HE? Isn't Sunday the Mormon Day of Rest or something?

One of the offseason priorities, other than a play maker on special teams, should be a bruising RB. Our running game can be solid with a guy like that - hell, we have the heaviest offensive line in the league...might as well use it to bust some heads.


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