Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The RePlay on the NFL Network

I re-watched Sunday's game on RePlay last night. After seeing it play for play and removing myself from the drama of being in the stadium, I don't see how anyone could think Dallas is the better team (for the record, I didn't think this before I watched Replay, but this solidified my recollection from the game).

It definitely lived up to its billing as a close game, and each team played sloppily at times, but overall we outplayed them on both offense and defense. They had a few sustained drives, mostly in the first half when momentum shifted to them for a quarter or so; but then again, they had 16 possessions - and when you allow a team to have that many, your D can only do so much. The Birds D disrupted the Cowboys passing game and knocked around Bledsoe the entire game - no wonder he was so rattled. Although Bledsoe was not good that day, I think the Cowboys fans and analysts need to stop blaming Bledsoe so much and starting blaming the offensive line and the coaches for not countering our superior blitz scheme for most of the game. At one point in the 4th quarter when Bledsoe rolled out to avoid the blitz and completed a nice pass, even Aikman said "it's about time they start using plays like that." Offensively, the Birds moved the ball when they had to and put the points on the board - mostly through big plays of course, but the big plays were there and Dallas's D didn't stop them.

Anyway, I'm anxiously awaiting the Christmas Day game - one thing is comforting about that game however, since everyone is into excuses, we'll be able to use the excuse that it's our 3rd staight Division ROAD game in December so we won't be at our best. I'm sure the analysts will miss that facet however.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Living in Dallas, I'm going to try and find tickets for the Christmas game. However, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that at this point I'll be paying to watch Garthia, Moats and Ducky meaning the division is wrapped up.

10/12/2006 8:32 PM  

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