Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Looking back over the last 5 seasons, the Birds have enjoyed some degree of "success", which has been interesting and occasionally fun, but it has also been the most tumultuous and frustrating time as a fan that I can remember. I don't think I will recall this period fondly in the future - I'll remember the stress and severe disappointment more. Following a sport and a team in particular for 30 years has been an investment of time and energy that doesn't seem worth it anymore until some things change. Because winning a Super Bowl is the POINT of this whole thing, I think the organization's commitment to investing in a team that can win the Super Bowl is one thing that could change which would pique my interest again; the other thing seems strange but it's the opposite - fielding a team that is purely entertaining and has no chance of winning but a couple times a season spoils another team's hopes ...like the Cowboys or Redskins (i.e. the Birds of the late '90s). As you've heard me say ad nauseam, the organization just is not committed to winning a Super Bowl - they care about fielding a team that can generate as much money as possible. Then, they don't share that money with the players. Evidence of their greed and ignorance of the fans desires is replete, but here are some highlights:

* Bringing back the same crew of crappy WRs for 3 shots at the NFCCG, only to lose because #5 has no one to throw to.
* Leaving $12MM of cap room on the table the year after you make a Super Bowl appearance...hmm, that's interesting, we can't "afford" Ike Reese or Simon or TO or until recently, Westbrook (they finally ponied up the cash for him). Having a dime of leftover cap money after assembling a team like 2004's is straight up stupid.
* Dealing with a WR like TO improperly - either pay him or replace him with another #1 WR, but not what they did. They were trying to have their cake and eat it too, getting TO as yet another bargain and expecting him to be happy.
* Signing as our main RB this year a guy who has been injured 2 of last 3 seasons (Buckhalter), because he's also a bargain.

For fans like me, it's no longer about just "being in contention" every year or "rooting for the hometeam" and other related aphorisms - it's about the organization's commitment to winning it all. The city has gone without a championship the longest of any major city. In short, we have been losers too long but we're not willing to do anything about it. To send the message home, we all need to boycott them until they make a commitment to winning the whole deal. I'm going to drum up support for this - or I'm not Paulomon Grundy...ok, I'm not but still, it's the only hope of waking these people up.


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It's my manifesto! At least you read it....it's gonna catch on like the bird flu.

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