Wednesday, November 16, 2005

"Everyone's Doing a Heck of a Job!"

No, actually, you're all stinking up the joint.

Reid's quotes from Monday's game from the Birds' website are laughable...maybe Scoot is right, maybe Big Red's days should be numbered at this point:

on Donovan:
"I really thought he had a pretty good game yesterday and with the exception of one throw, he put together a pretty good game...He takes a lot of responsibility on his shoulders and he was devastated by the loss and the injury and how he felt. He was in quite a bit of pain. I really didn't talk to him much about the game part of it, as much as I was worried about the injury."

Donovan is the Man in my book, but it's obvious to everyone that he can't go on, and it was clear before this game. If you're gonna let him play, don't set him up for failure.

On Lito getting toasted for the 8th straight game in a row:
"They double moved (CB) Lito (Sheppard) and he was having a heck of a game. He thought he had a bead on him, they double moved him and he got passed him. We had a blitz on and we didn't get everybody rushing the passer like we needed to and in the right spots. The quarterback would not have been able to pump if that was the case. Lito was banking on that. When you do a max blitz, as a corner you bank on that the blitz is going to get home and you challenge that corner a little bit. We didn't execute it very well. We are going to get better at this stuff."

Ever heard of accountability Andy? Lito is having an EMBARASSING year. And it's not just the poor D-line's lousy rush 'cause Sheldon still knows how to tackle and still avoids getting burned deep EVERY SINGLE game! Rod Hood needs to replace Lito, that's how bad he looks...everyone, and I mean everyone including Mrs. Grundy notices...yeh, she is sitting next to me the watching the Monday night game and asks "Didn't Lito Sheppard used to be good?" wow, that question speaks volumes.

On the interception:
"What Donovan saw was that (WR) Reggie (Brown) was covered and it was press coverage. Reggie did a hitch route that converts to a fly and one of the options the QB has, when that CB is tight to him and equal to him, is to throw to the back shoulder. That was what Donovan chose to do. Like I said, the bottom line was the safety was there and made a good play on it."

The safety made a good play?? It was thrown RIGHT TO HIM. Roy had a look of shock on his face (from the replay that is - I didn't bother to even stay up for the end of this abortion because I knew it would be a waste of time).

On the O Line:
"I give credit to the offensive line. I think they did a heck of a job. They were geared up for it and I trusted it more than I had in the past. (Offensive line coach) Juan Castillo puts the run game together and does a nice job with that. He had a real good plan for it and our guys did a nice job."

ok, the O line did have a pretty good game.

BUT maybe Andy needs to stop patronizing everyone and instead put his boot up someone's ass. Super Bowl caliber coaches don't gush compliments and excuses like that after they GIVE the other team the game. Can you imagine Parcells out there after a loss like that congratulating everyone?? How about Lombardi? or Shanahan? or hell, even mild-mannered Belichick??

Look Andy, you've had your chances to "get better" at everything, but you've blown them. Took you 3 years to get an f'ing WR who actually belongs in the NFL and in the meantime the window had s shutTime to open your eyes and realize that not all of your players are playing that well...try new motivation techniques, like firing someone's ass. Start with Lito.


Blogger Dave Popstar said...

I would definitely NOT want Big Red to dog out players like the Tuna (or worse, Billick) does. I really don't think that's productive. Of course, I don't think blowing smoke is either, but there is a middle ground where you just don't say much either way. After a game/debacle like this, he should have given a press conference like he did after the Pittsburgh embarassment last year -- he said everyone played poorly (or "there were some plays they wish they could have back") and did not say anything positive. BUT he didn't say anything negative about any one specific player. They're all professionals and know when they have screwed up -- and they know the nature of the NFL is that if you don't play well consistently, you're sent packing. (Or, if you're on any other team and get cut, you know that you have a shot of the Eagles scooping you up, like scooping cat waste out of a litter box).

But my point is that I still like Andy's demeanor.

I guess that's the problem with losing and looking HORRIBLE. We're looking for answers everywhere, at virtually every aspect about the team. Or virtually everything about the team is just really starting to piss us off now.

11/16/2005 10:27 PM  
Blogger Paulomon Grundy said...

True, I don't want him to be like hot head Parcells either, but then again, Parcells gets results. It's sickening for me to realize that another NFC team, probably the Cowboys, is going to win a Super Bowl again before we do. I've always liked Big Red's calm demeanor but gushing compliments after a loss like that is just inappropriate, at best. The Pittsburgh approach you mentioned would be more along the lines of what I'd like to see. Calling players out is usually a bad idea but I don't consider admitting that a player made a bad play or had a bad game is calling them out, when asked the direct question by the media. It's just stating the facts - not everything has a silver lining. One of Andy's biggest faults is that he seems to trust his players too much and gives them the benefit of the doubt for way too long - i.e. ignoring our RB situation this year, sticking with terrible WRs and plays that don't work because the players don't have the skill to execute it (quick out to Pinkston). They are pawns for him to direct on the field.

11/17/2005 9:45 AM  
Blogger Dave Popstar said...

I guess it's a balance in some ways. Maybe these tough guy professional athletes are more fragile than we think? That's why he feels the need to really show such support of them?

As a WIP caller mentioned this morning: What if the cowgirls pick up T.O.? And... what if they make it to the SB next season ... and WIN it? How GROSS would that be? (Good luck getting Me.O. to coexist with Meshawn tho -- I doubt even Parcells could pull off that one).

11/17/2005 10:04 AM  
Blogger Paulomon Grundy said...

Yes, I think these players actually are pretty fragile, especially McNabb - he tries to play it cool on the outside, but as you could tell from his look of straight-up fear in the Super Bowl, the pressure and criticism gets to him. anyway, the thought of any NFC East team going to the playoffs, let alone a Super Bowl, makes me want to never watch football again. But they will so we need to be prepared - Dallas for one, is committed to winning championships, not just making the playoffs or "being in contention" every year and they likely will win another Super Bowl before the Eagles do. I don't understand why it's so difficult for the Birds to adopt that mentality.

11/17/2005 12:42 PM  
Blogger J Dubs said...

Andy should be the HR guy for FEMA.

11/29/2005 7:39 PM  

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