Wednesday, November 02, 2005

doubtful... yeah, no kidding

So T.O. apparently told the Eagles that he hurt his ankle and won't be able to play in the next games. I heard on WIP, and this article also implies, that T.O. did in fact tell them that he wasn't able to play. Like calling in sick. Okay, I know T.O. is supposedly the most competitive person who has ever participated in any sport in the world, etc., but does it seem like he's starting to dog it to anyone? It does to me. More often than not, when he's near the sidelines and has a choice of trying for a few more yards and taking a hit, or stepping out of bounds, he seems to prefer the latter. And I remember back when he first started his campaign for more money in the spring, he actually said something like he wouldn't play his hardest knowing the team isn't supporting him or paying him what he deserves. I know he hates losing -- name any real athlete who doesn't -- but I don't think he's above this B.S. He certainly isn't, and never has been, a team player. Right now, I guess he thinks the team can't help him, so he isn't going to try to help the team. Man, someone please tell me that everything isn't falling apart...

Ahhhh, memories... Unfortunately, the experiment failed. Miserably.


Blogger KES said...

All part of the implosion that I was talking about. Like I always tell coaches about "ify" players who tell me they are hurt.......if we were winning, there is NO way he would take himself out of the game. Its no fun to play with a loser especially when you are a loser

He is giving up, but so is Reid

11/03/2005 7:46 AM  

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