Monday, October 31, 2005

Somebody shut that window, it's cold in here

How about that Broncos game boys? Watching Eagles football certainly isn't fun these days - we can't even lose with dignity. I think my comment a few weeks ago about a re-building year is on the mark unfortunately...except I don't think it's Reid's style to really re-build things, he just covers things up instead of spending the money to get what we need. We had a decent run for a Super Bowl title, but the window apparently closed on us recently, or slammed shut I should say. The games we're losing are devastating blowouts and the games we've won have pretty much been lucky wins - not Super Bowl quality football. The same questions still run through my mind every week: why does it take 2 quarters to make adjustments? After the first series, it was apparent Denver wanted to rattle Mcnabb with all out blitzes...ok, then the genius Brad Childress should do what?? yes, that's right, adjust by doing about a dozen different proven methods that high school coaches do: hit the quick slant over and over, go to shot gun over and over, pitch the ball outside to Brook over and over until they stop blitzing. 9 guys in the box means that at least 2 receivers are open EVERY play...would Brady or Manning figure out how to burn a telegraphed 9 man blitz? I'm gonna say yes. But it's beyond the capabilities of our offensive coordinator...other questions run through my mind every week - how can any team, let alone the NFC favorite to return to the SB, not even care about a running game? After winning 2 Super BOwls, the Patriots went out and paid for COREY, do you think they are committed to winning champtionships? Also, what happened to the fire in our players eyes? A handful of players are showing up every week (Sheldon, LJ) but that's not gonna cut it. And what happened to Lito Sheppard? His ghost is haunting us. This team is nothing but a tease right now - they should just pack it in this year, get McNabb healthy, acquire a few key players like a bruising RB and start over next season.


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