Friday, September 02, 2005

Count de Monet

The Eagles' cap room simply dwarfs the other teams' amounts. Nearly twice the next closest team (the Texans, oddly enough).


(as of September 1, 2005)
Cardinals: $6.48 million
Falcons: $2.74 million
Ravens: $3.45 million
Bills: $3.38 million
Panthers: $1.78 million
Bears: $5.84 million
Bengals: $5.69 million
Browns: $4.98 million
Cowboys: $6.18 million
Broncos: $1.20 million
Lions: $2.01 million
Packers: $3.91 million
Texans: $7.38 million
Colts: $4.80 million
Jaguars: $5.28 million
Chiefs: $2.63 million
Dolphins: $3.78 million
Vikings: $4.38 million
Patriots: $1.56 million
Saints: $5.62 million
Giants: $2.05 million
Jets: $2.22 million
Raiders: $839,000
Eagles: $12.62 million
Steelers: $1.15 million
Chargers: $3.12 million
49ers: $3.30 million
Seahawks: $4.02 million
Rams: $6.46 million
Buccaneers: $673,000
Titans: $253,000
Redskins: $2.01 million


Blogger Paulomon Grundy said...

amazing that we can't afford to throw some Westbrook's way. we are CHEAP

9/09/2005 9:24 AM  
Blogger Dave Popstar said...

Here's a question: From a player's point of view, would you rather make less money and be on a winning team, or would you rather make more money but possibly not be on a winning team?

I think the answer is, in the vast majority of cases, the latter. And I think understandably so. This is their one shot at this very, very short career, so it makes perfect sense to try to set themselves up for the rest of their life, as much as possible.

My point is, that if the Eagles continue to develop and encourage this reputation of lowballing players, they'll have a much more difficult time attracting the good ones. Over time, we'll get weaker as a team, not stronger.

It seems that right now, even when the Eagles are criticized for their businesslike approach, they can repond simply by saying that they win games. If this keeps up, it may ultimately be their downfall.

It's not a business. It's a team. Man, this is frustrating.

This morning on WIP, Mark Eckel from the Trenton Times said if he had to guess right now, he thinks this is probably Westbrook's last year as an Eagle. Very, very frustrating...

9/09/2005 9:54 AM  

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