Wednesday, August 17, 2005

T.O. update...

7:27 a.m. - Pulled into NovaCare Complex .

8:44 a.m. - Sprinted onto the practice field. According to Spads, "Owens, who was told to leave training camp one week ago, was visibly more responsive to teammates in the morning practice."

11:00 a.m. Reid said in a press conference that his meeting with T.O. lasted a few minutes and was "good". At least T.O. was not suspended or dismissed again.

Later - at his own press conference, McNabb even stated: "This issue has made us stronger," he said. "I will be able to sit right next to him. He's still a part of the team."

Does this mean everything is back to normal? That T.O. is going to stop acting childish, and we're all supposed to forget about everything that happened? I'm so confused...

On his show on WIP, Gary Cobb said T.O.didn't simply talk to his teammates, but did so in front of the cameras, and even gesticulated to make it clear that he was talking to them, as if it was all a performance. I think virtually everyone thinks that this uneasy truce will not last. Glenn Macnow said he thinks the over/under of the next erruption is 10 days...


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