Tuesday, August 16, 2005

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So what does everyone think about last night's preseason opener?

J Dubs' take - Just finished watchin the whole game on TiVo - here's my quick thoughts: (1) espn HD, can we go widescreen on that fellas? I really don't like looking at 2 6-inch bands on either side of the screen that spell "HD" - I know it's in HD, that's why I pay the extra 12 bucks a month, to view actual shows and games in HD, not to be told by a cheap graphic that I'm watching in HD, a-holes... (2) McNabb looked sharp after a shaky start and a couple of floaters. He looks comfortable w/the young receivers, which is muy importante. (3) Receivers looked good! Everyone made plays, and that's what you like to see, this early in ther preseason it's really about seeing how well they grasp the playbook and offense, and all our boys seemed pretty comfortable out there w/ a couple of exceptions. Reggie looks like the real deal, and even McMullen looked pretty dang good. As for Reggie, is it possible that the Eagles could have actually drafted a good receiver? It's a Christmas miracle! (4) Ryan Moats - wow. With 6 carries and a catch, he showed some real promise. We may have solved our RB problem for good, folks. I believe he and Perry if healthy can make up for any slack caused by Buckhalter's past injuries. We'll see, but I really like what I saw. The comparison, and don't laugh, being made to Moats is that he looks like Emmitt when he 1st came in the league - small, good moves, fast and powerful. That woudln't hurt, would it?! This guy was a finalist for the Doak Walker award (best RB in college FB), lost ground b/c he played in the offense-happy WAC (player of the year). I won't go so far as to say "He's comin on!" (the Emmitt comparison is enough for now, doncha think?), but I really liked what I saw. (5) D wasn't spectacular, w/exception of Hood's nice INT, and Jason Short making plays all over the field - I really like that kid. Hope there's room for him other than on ST. One thing they mentioned a couple of times is that JJ has a lot of tricks in store for this season, namely, that the D is gonna be real aggressive w/ a year of this scheme under their belts and focus more on turnovers than they did last year. Music to my ears...

ps: Anyone see Moats next to Andrews on the bench after his 2nd TD? Looked like the old bugs bunny cartoon with spike and chester. good times!


Blogger Dave Popstar said...

My initial thoughts:

All of my observations are, of course, tempered by the fact that this was just a single preseason game...

I really liked what I saw from Reggie Brown. He seemed very poised and comfortable catching the ball in traffic. Lewis looked good. McMullen was mediocre, and still has a lot to prove. But it seemed like most of the catches by all of our receivers were made off of a zone or just plain weak coverage.

Why is Reno Mahe still a part of the Eagles organization?

Moats looked good. Very quick and extremely tough for his size. Of course, he was going against the Steelers' second string, but still...

McMahon should be the No. 2.

Did anyone get to focus on Patterson? I couldn't tell how he did. Likewise with TEs Spach/Whalen and WR Samp -- I'd really like to get to focus on them to see what they bring.

McCoy seemed a little confused out there, but I think that is normal given the complexity of JJ's defense.

I miss Ike.

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