Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Skip Bayless is a Jackass

Not sure if you caught Skip's piece on Page 2, completely ripping the Birds front office and showing his lack of's an excerpt: "You won't get a drop of sympathy from these tear ducts for "tough, no-nonsense" Eagles coach Andy Reid.
Or for team president Joe "Hold That Bottom Line" Banner.
Or for owner Jeffrey Lurie, who has a reputation for showing the door to stars who demand that the Eagles show them the money.
Feels like T.O.'s been holding the ball, and pulling the strings, doesn't it?Or even for quarterback Donovan McNabb, a good company man and great leader who has always been able to laugh off locker-room controversies the way he shrugs off pass rushers.
The last few days, I have laughed until I've nearly cried at how these NFL pillars have been upended by the media-manipulated attacks of one of the most brilliant and unscrupulous PR minds in sports -- that of Terrell Eldorado Owens."

He reiterated some of this on Cold Pizza this morning. I really don't like that guy - he never makes any sense. I had to shoot him an email in response:

"Fine, you're not a fan of the Eagles or TO - you've made that clear over the past several years. But have some journalistic integrity and try to contain your "joy" in ripping apart the best front office in football. The Eagles did not screw up - they have taken the high road and ignored almost everything TO has done in the media, and journalists like you have created a circus around TO's comments, trying to get the Birds to react; and when the Birds haven't reacted by clowning around like TO, "journalists" like you get frustrated and then proclaim TO the winner by default. how does that work? Under your "analysis" any player that creates a stink is automatically the winner if the team doesn't run around making crazy remarks in relaliation...look, the Birds org and McNabb have acted professionally throughout this whole thing and will continue to do so - they won't sink to TO's level to play his stupid game. What they've shown is that the Team goes on and is bigger than any player. I watch you and Woody argue back and forth and neither of you make any sense - You're both reactionists and have no sense of the big picture."

Although personally I wish the Birds did try to negotiate his contract just so we could push through this season and get to the SB, in the long run, it might be better that Banner & Co. just stepped back and let it go. TO has showed that he's just crazy and not worth the effort.


Blogger Dave Popstar said...

He doesn't even make any sense. He seems to think that the media and the fans are supporting T.O. That is just profoundly wrong. Just this morning, I heard a reporter from WIP at the NovaCare complex say how a bunch of fans showed up with signs -- ALL of which were vehemently ANTI-T.O. It seems to me that the media is squarely in the camp of the Eagles organization on this. Skippy's claim that they have been "upended" is preposterous. (Hell, it certainly can't be disputed that Reid has showed a pretty solid track record of ignoring the media and doing what he believed was the best thing for the team ... i.e., drafting McNabb, letting a bunch of aging vetrans go, etc.)

I've been convinced that many "commentators" will say anything and take provocative stances (whether they believe it or not) just to get attention. I used to think this was sort of the exception, but maybe it's become the rule...

8/17/2005 9:45 AM  
Blogger Paulomon Grundy said...

His bias is making him mistake what he wants to see happen (the Eagles being upended) from what actually is happening. Some of these guys just can't stand seeing the Eagles do well, so they take pot shots whenever they can.

8/17/2005 10:03 AM  

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