Tuesday, July 19, 2005

TO's Latest Tude-o-meter Reading

TO is just more out of hand than ever...have you heard the latest outrage? I was watching some ESPN Muscle Car show (or something like that) this weekend, and they featured TO as the celeb with the pimped out rides. So, the host switched to football and asked how TO's situation with the Eagles was progressing...he asked TO "who is your favorite QBs in the game?", trying to get TO to say something controversial and TO listed Pennington, Trent Green and a couple others but failed to list Dmac...then, the host asked one of TO's football buds (didn't recognize the guy) who was at his house who in sports he'd like to "go to War with" and he said AI, TO, and a couple other guys in football...the host then said "what, no Donovan McNabb?" and the guy and TO made a face and said "You asked who I'd like to go to War with, not who I'd like to play hopscotch with?", then they showed a graphic of McNabb being thrown under a school bus. Ridiculous. Then, they had the ESPY awards and Dmac and TO were there - on the carpet, they separately asked both of them about the situation and of course McNabb took the high road, but TO ripped into Donovan and the Eagles in general. I don't want TO back anymore; i hope we're out shopping for a #1 receiver right now.


Blogger Dave Popstar said...

Holy Jebus, I didn't know about that. That's just unbelievable. After all of the sycophantic praise T.O. was giving to DMac last season, and now this? I thought his disrespect was limited to that one assinie comment about not being the one who got tired in the SB. I didn't know he was continuing to talk smack.

I would think (or hope) that at some point, No. 5 could possibly confront T.O. and ask why T.O. hasn't been man enough to say any of those things to his face. (Or like he said before, maybe he could just tell him to "get my name out of your mouth."

I don't understand why T.O. turned so violently against everyone. And I can't imagine that if he keeps talking smack like this, we'd try to keep him. The problem is, how can we get rid of him? He still has a big contract, and surely won't go anywhere else without renegotiating to get guaranteed money. We also could get less than his fair market value since we'll seem desperate to dish him, altho so what -- we should be.

I used to think he was just someone who spoke his mind without filtering anything, and that he was basically just very confident but still a team player and an okay guy. It sure seems like I was dead wrong. He has been acting like he's just a selfish tool who thinks he's less dumb than he is. For as much as he references his apparently close relationship with god, I'm surprised god hasn't mentioned in one of their many conversations that it's not really cool to disrespect others like that.

7/19/2005 1:03 PM  
Blogger Dave Popstar said...

...AND his comments are even more astonishingly dumb considering that it was just last week when he told reporters he WANTED to come back to the Eagles:

"Owens wants return to Eagles"

Posted on Tue, Jul. 12, 2005
From news services

Terrell Owens hasn't gotten so absorbed in his dispute with the Eagles that he hasn't noticed he might need to do a little fence-mending with their fan base, which welcomed him so enthusiastically a year ago.

"I hope to see you here next year," Owens told a group of youth football campers at Rosemont College in Rosemont, Penn., Sunday, after posing for several dozen photos.

Owens repeatedly mentioned how adulation from the fans "pumps me up" on the field, and recalled the huge crowds that flocked to training camp at Lehigh last year.

"I'm hoping to be back in a Philly uniform. We'll see how that plays out," he said.

7/19/2005 3:38 PM  

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