Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Merrill Reese on training camp

ANOTHER VIEW by Merrill Reese, Radio play-by-play man:

"I love training camp and the reason I love training camp is that, No. 1, there is a certain feeling I get the second I go there that the football season is really upon us. It's right around the corner. Training camp signifies that football has started.

"Second, it's the first opportunity any of us have to see the rookies and free agents in contact drills. I don't care if you go to mini-camp every single day, you really can't get a feel for what those young players can do until you see them under live conditions.

"Having all of the Eagles fans crowding around the fields, chanting and cheering, it creates so much excitement. Hearing the fans roar after a player makes a big play is tremendously invigorating to me. The roar almost echoes off the mountains at Lehigh. You suddenly have that feeling that it's Monday night and everything counts. It feels like the real season.

"On the field, there are so many things to watch with this team. It should be an outstanding team, one that has the capability of winning the Super Bowl. There are going to be surprises. There are surprises at every training camp. Unfortunately, there are also some negative surprises where players get hurt. That is unavoidable. It is something a team has to overcome, so depth is of the utmost importance on this roster.

"I love the heat and the noise and the frantic nature of training camp. I love the intensity. If you've never made it to training camp, go. Enjoy it. It's the best time to be close to the team -- and I mean close. You are right on top of the action and it's fantastic."


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