Monday, October 16, 2006

Too Disgusted To Write A Real Post...

Honestly, yesterday's game was much more painful for me than the Gnats' comeback a few weeks back. Why? Because almost EVERY single time we had an opportunity to make a play -- not even a big play, mind you, but ANY play -- on offense, defense, or special teams, we blew it. Almost every time we blew it, whether it was a drop, a bad call, a stupid penalty, you name it. Was it the let-down game many predicted after the big Dallas win? Was the crowd noise too much for us? Did everyone stay out past curfew on Saturday night? Is Reid incapable of beating more than 50% of teams we play after wins over the Cowboys? And the way we played almost makes this a legitimate question: Did we give the game to the Saints as part of the NFL's new affirmative action plan when it comes to letting the Saints look good?

Seriously. 12 men on the field, negating a sack that would have pushed them back to a long field
goal and gotten us the ball back. Wasting all of our 2nd-half timeouts. 12 men on the field! Way too many dropped passes (AGAIN!) 12 men on the field! Horrible play-calling. No blitzing. I mean, if you're going to do all of that, why not simply kick somebody in the balls again to lose the game? And Michael Lewis, did your coverage skills peek as a rookie? WTF?

It was sad to the point where even converting a 1st down led me to a minor celebration. And that's not what we've come to expect from this team. They should have blown New Orleans out of the water yesterday. They should never have been trailing. They should not have lost. they should have at least kept them from holding the ball for the entire last 8 and a half minutes of the game!

Like I said, I'm thoroughly disgusted.

But at least we're not as bad as the Redskins.


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