Saturday, October 28, 2006

Receivers Gone Wild

Although the Birds only have a quietly competent receiving corps this season, they are racking up nice numbers; thanks mostly to DMac in my opinion. Reggie already is about to bust through his numbers for his entire last season. Bottom line is that it's nice to be rid of all of the off-field drama.

Over the last 5-10 years, it seems that Receivers have taken the lead on being trash talking thugs and getting into trouble...anyone know why that is? Receivers really don't touch the ball that much, at least compared to Running Backs and QBs, and can really only impact games if their respective QBs are good.

It seems to be getting worse too, especially in light of all of the media attention surrounding the T.O. craziness. Just this week:
* Chad Johnson called out D'Angelo Hall, and then the two of them exchanged challenges through the media (CJ seems to call out somebody new every week)
* Plaxico Burress was ripping on T.O. for slipping on the turf and dropping balls in Monday Night's game.
* Bengals are activating Chris Henry this week.
* Even KeyShawn was on Sirius NFL Radio basically saying that T.O. has been copying all of his career moves.

These guys are out of control. And dropped balls seem to be on the rise this season (maybe that's just with the Birds). Anyway, these guys probably should just shut up and catch balls.


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