Tuesday, October 18, 2005

McDougle Done, D Line Limping

From a college friend of mine ("Tony G"):
"Well, Jerome McDougal is officially done for the year after emergency hernia surgery CAUSED by the gunshot wound surgery. Wow, the guy must feel cursed.
Speaking of cursed, the Eagles D Line looks cursed right now. They are completely ineffective and are my biggest single concern with this team right now since "it all starts up front". No pressure on the quarterback whatsoever and it's leaving the secondary exposed. They have backups in their for much of the game. How much would they like to have Corey Simon and Derrick Burgess starting right now?!!! Don't look now but Derrick Burgess has 5 sacks for the Raiders... 5!!! They may be more than all of the Eagles. He's really turning into the player they thought he was when they drafted him."

Although I don't disagree with Tony G, I'm really surprised by the lack of punch the D line has so far this year. I thought that would be one of our strengths. When we let Simon go, I thought we didn't need him because of the depth we had. Now, after a couple injuries and without guys stepping up, our D is looking weak. We had plenty of money to keep Burgess or Simon, and even Ike Reese, but that complaint of mine is just the same tune I've been singing forever: the Birds are just cheap, not "master cap managers" as everyone touts them to be, and now the players realize that. It's a quiet COUP by the players, I'm telling you. (Note: I actually was happy to see Corey Simon's fat ass leave Philly though, so that's cuts against my complaint....a little).


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