Thursday, September 08, 2005

experts picks...?

You all will never believe this... But Hoge actually picked AGAINST the Eagles this week. Theisman too. Who woulda thunk it? (The real test is Week Two when we play San Fran -- it will be a hilarious admission of indefensible bias to see Hoge pick S.F.)

Actually, this week just Jaws, Schlereth, and Mortensen picked Philly. It was Hoge, Thiesman, Salisbury, Allen, and even Golic who picked Atlanta. Man, I think they must have fully swallowed the Vick hype they've been programmed to spew for the past few years.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Are you beyatches ready for some football?!?!

What up, kids? We're in Dublin right now. Gettin ready to watch "the match," Ireland-France in the world cup qualifiers.

Home September 11, Monday Night Football September 12. Bring on Vick.

~ Waala

Friday, September 02, 2005

Count de Monet

The Eagles' cap room simply dwarfs the other teams' amounts. Nearly twice the next closest team (the Texans, oddly enough).


(as of September 1, 2005)
Cardinals: $6.48 million
Falcons: $2.74 million
Ravens: $3.45 million
Bills: $3.38 million
Panthers: $1.78 million
Bears: $5.84 million
Bengals: $5.69 million
Browns: $4.98 million
Cowboys: $6.18 million
Broncos: $1.20 million
Lions: $2.01 million
Packers: $3.91 million
Texans: $7.38 million
Colts: $4.80 million
Jaguars: $5.28 million
Chiefs: $2.63 million
Dolphins: $3.78 million
Vikings: $4.38 million
Patriots: $1.56 million
Saints: $5.62 million
Giants: $2.05 million
Jets: $2.22 million
Raiders: $839,000
Eagles: $12.62 million
Steelers: $1.15 million
Chargers: $3.12 million
49ers: $3.30 million
Seahawks: $4.02 million
Rams: $6.46 million
Buccaneers: $673,000
Titans: $253,000
Redskins: $2.01 million

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Football Night at the Philadelphia Free Library with Ray Didinger and Robert Lyons

Ray Didinger and just came out with "The Eagles Encyclopedia" and are holding a "free author event" at the Free Library (1901 Vine Street):

From the website (

Ray Didinger & Robert Lyons: The Eagles Encyclopedia
Wed, September 21 - 7:00 PM
Location: Central Library
Cost: FREE

In the City of Brotherly Love, no team tugs at the hearts and weighs on the minds of fans more than the Philadelphia Eagles. More than a local obsession, the Eagles are also one of football's most storied franchises. The Eagles Encyclopedia recounts the greatest moments in the team's history, and brings to life the men who helped create modern football.

Merrill Reese's take

GF: Is this Eagles team better than, the same as, or not as good as last year's Super Bowl team?

Reese: "Better. It's the best Eagles team I have ever been around."

GF: Despite the number of key players no longer here? Despite the lack of experienced backups? Despite the QB/WR disharmony? Despite the question marks at wide receiver?

Reese: "Best team I've been around. Their young players have really been impressive. Guys like Patterson, Moats, Reggie Brown are going to make a major difference. Plus, don't forget, young guys like Lito Sheppard, Michael Lewis, and Sheldon Brown have another year under their belts together, and they're going to be even better."