Monday, December 24, 2007

I know, it was long overdue this season, but.... wait for it... wait for it.... HE'S COMIN' ON!!!!!!!!!

From the Philly website:

"Bradley was one of the rookies in the spotlight on defense entering Sunday's game along with weakside linebacker Akeem Jordan and defensive end Victor Abiamiri. Bradley was scheduled to see his most extensive action on defense and he responded brilliantly with six tackles, his first career sack and first career interception. Two of his tackles came during the pivotal goal-line stand."


Monday, December 17, 2007

JDubs Writes to a 'Boys Fan

"First off, sorry Boys. Sorry we had to rain on your parade and keep you from almost certain homefield advantage thru-out the playoffs. Tough titties, you'll still wrap it up in the next 2 weeks, and this was our super bowl. It had the feel, for eagles fans at least, of a mid-90s eagles-cowboys game. Remember those days, when you guys used to dominiate us, when Emmitt got half his career rushing totals just off us, when there was nothing we could do to stop a 3rd and 3 or 3rd and 4, 'cos you know Emmitt would pick up 5 yards or they'd just dump it off to Novacek. (And Moose wonders why Ealges fans are just starting to warm up to him and many still issue him death threats when he covers our games...) When we had a turntable of scrub QBs going thru the rotations and gettin decimated by your D. That's what it felt like going in...

Ugly game, no lie. I have to say, tho you guys got the benefit of most of the "no-calls" by the officials, it was the worst officiated game I've seen all year both ways. The helmet to helmet, a hit out of bounds, lots of holds (what else is new), and the running into the kicker (by both teams!). Just awful. Glad to see they finally threw a flag on a horse-collar this year. Seriously, is Roy just stupid, is that all he can do to stop a ballcarrier, or does he know he'll still get away with it 99% of the time? Wait til he breaks Peyton's or Brady's ankle, then it's over. Props to AJ Feeley for pulling a WWF manager move and distrating a ref so BDawk could pull off a PI with no flag. Good times.

Really, the game is summed up by this one thought: you guys got beat by 4 points (really 11) playing your absolute worst game of the year after u clinched a 1st-round bye. We just BARELY beat a playoff team in a game that went down to the last cpl possessions, and we played like we've been playing all year (actually, better on D, about the same on O). So fret not. Now that you've watched 2 complete Eagles games this year, if not more, you must understand what we're going thru all season. I think we're 1 top WR (who can fucking get open) and more healing time for McNabb (and now apparently a kicker, tho that used to be a lock) from being a playoff team again. 5 losses to playoff teams this year by a combined 16 points. The difference in 6-8 and not having to watch the playoffs from the couch this year is bone-headed penalties (especially the drive-killers on offense), AJ Feeley last-play interceptions, and Andy Reid's atrocious play-calling and game-day coaching.

Anyway, thanks for ending a 3-game losing streak and keeping me from beating my children. Good luck in the playoffs, and wish us luck in the coaching-change department."

Monday, December 10, 2007

Is this 3 times now...

... this season we've seen the Birds trying to rally late in a game that they should have won if only they could have mustered MORE THAN ONE touchdown drive on the day? Only to again see the rally fall short on a failed 4th and long play?

I find myself wishing this season were over already, and I have now boarded the Reid-must-go bandwagon. That's right, my luggage is packed, I brought snacks and bottled water, and I'm here for the ride. Let's do it.

I am sick and tired of watching McNabb run around on ev ery play, hoping beyond hope that one of his cotterie of inept, slow, and overall subpar receivers will stop running, slowly, directly at the defender that's covering them. Seriously, Plaxico burress can get open every play on a bum leg, and when u see our guys, every route looks like they're setting up a downfield block for a running play. This ain't new news. It's been a problem for years, the announcers have been laughing at us for it for years, it already cost us a championship game, and it has never been properly addressed during Reid's tenure (with the temporary exception of TO's stay here).

Sorry, Big Red, but the past couple of years of coaching on your part have been attrocious. your clock management is the laughingstock of the league (well, everyone's laughing except Joe Gibbs). and I'd fire a high school coch that was as predictable as you. It's obvious you can't keep your own crackhouse in order, and you obviously can't maintain discipline enough on this team to avoid having every other drive stall due to some bone-heard, unnecessary penalty. Defense? Just line up in the neutral zone! Offense? False start! Illegal motion! Delay of game! This all stems from the coach, it's his responsibility to get a team ready to play on Sunday, and this group of misfits has shown week in and week out that they're not prepared to play the game. you've had years to get better, and you only seem to be getting worse. Maybe your criminal kids are too much of a distraction, but something has to change. And since you're unwilling to change, it's you that has to be changed.

Now, I'm not ready to give up on McNabb, but I agree with Paulumon that if you're not going to give him the weapons he needs to succeed, there's no point in wasting his career and our time here. Trade him while you can still get value, and start fresh. OR, go get him a couple of DECENT receivers to throw to. Don't go out and replace Curtis (who replaced his twin, Stallworth) with another Curtis clone. Go get a read receiver. A #1. Reggie sure the hell ain't it. Hank Baskett, Foots, what a joke. Le'ts stock an offense that relies on the pass with a bunhc of nobody receivers. That'll trick em!

While we're at it, maybe get a real punter, who doesn't shank a 20 yarder every other kick. Or for that matter, a punt returner? Not a converted pizza restaurant host who goes to the same church as you, but a real, friggin punt returner, who has at least a chance in hell of ever taking one back.

Just a couple of ideas...

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

5 and 7

No, seriously... don't get your hopes up.