Tuesday, August 02, 2005

TO vs. Moss........(more than a stat discussion)

Just got off the phone with my friend, who works for the Raiders. When asked about Randy Moss(who is comparable with TO in a few ways IMO) he said that he has been
great. Professional, nice to deal with, keeps to himself, etc..
Now, I know that could change at anytime and probably will, but I thought it
was interesting when dealing with these a-hole receivers.

I will update this as I hear more about him and his dealings with the Raiders. Could be a cool comparison with how TO deals with "things" and ultimately each other when they play September 25th.

(Side note: When I come back for the visit "Eagles vs. Raiders", my friend will be in Philly that Saturday and would like to get together with everyone that night. )


Blogger Dave Popstar said...

Yeah, well, T.O. sure was a perfect gentleman when he first came to Philly... Looks like the raiders should start worrying about having to renegotiate his contract next year.

And as amazing as Moss is as a player, it was simply inexcusible for him to walk off the field when his team was playing. Sure, the vikes had virtually no chance of coming back, but that's not the issue. That's really hard to forget.

Then again, I found T.O.'s conduct nearly as deplorable when he yelled at his offensive coordinator on the sidelines in San Fran, but then I was able to put that aside when T.O. came to town... The hope of winning sure has a powerful effect on one's memory. After all, while we want everyone on the team to be cool people, WINNING is the bottom line.

So if T.O. criticizes DMac and the front office for the rest of the season, and if the rest of the team doesn't get along with each other, that will surely suck, but I'll be completely comfortable with it all if we make it to -- and win -- the Superbowl.

8/02/2005 9:24 PM  
Blogger KES said...

I am by no means, making Moss out to be a saint, as a matter of fact I think he is a major ass hole. But, it is interesting that he is not as bad as the media has made him out to be so far. TO... the same. Asshole? Yes, but not a bad guy deep down.

Only time will tell how Moss does out there. If he produces and they win, he will be fine. If not, he will be a whiny ass. Guys like that do great in Oaktown for some reason. Look at Sapp..........he makes TO and Moss look like the best guys ever. TO and MOss may be asses on the field, but from what I know, they are not bad guys off the field. Sapp is just an asshole at all times.

8/03/2005 12:40 AM  
Blogger KES said...

Whats even worse, IMO, then what Moss did, and anything TO has done at this point, is what Ricky Williams did to the Dolphins. Quitting 2 weeks before camps opens, virtually ruining their season is one of the worse things anyone could ever do to a team.

8/03/2005 9:28 AM  

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